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Midnight Sex Talk – Kids

Midnight Sex Talk – Kids After football stories and debates about licensing hours, the next most popular subject in today’s news seems to be children; and it’s usually yet another crime, either committed by them, or done to them. Anecdotally, if you sit down with a group of people and talk about the worst thing […]

Midnight Sex Talk – Sex Magick

Midnight Sex Talk – Sex Magick Ever riffled through a book, or googled late into the night, to find the perfect spell to catch the person you really, really fancy? And then, after your shopping trip for ingredients, hurried home hunched over a plastic bag containing four candles, a sachet of cloves and a dead […]

Midnight Sex Talk – Sex In The Movies

Midnight Sex Talk – Sex in the Movies And we don’t mean porn, for once! The history of sex in mainstream film is a parellel history of our world, whether pushing boundaries or simply reflecting what’s been going on behind closed doors for years, from Some Like It Hot to Secretary, via <9 1/2 Weeks […]

Midnight Sex Talk: Sex Toys – Are They Really Necessary?

Midnight Sex Talk – Sex Toys – Are They Really Necessary? Thought that might get you reading! Here at Chateau Midnight Sex Talk, we love sex toys; it would be positively heretical not to. But sometimes you have to stop and think: as they morph inexorably from ‘plaything’ to ‘absolute necessity’, have they evolved too […]

Midnight Sex Talk: Easter Anal Sex Special

Midnight Sex Talk – Easter Anal Sex Special Ahh, what better way to celebrate the start of British Summertime than with a thorough exploration of anal sex. From men to women and back again, via pegging, figging and fisting – God knows how we’ve managed to fit it all in! In the studio we’ve got […]

Midnight Sex Talk – Mother’s Day Psycho Special!

Midnight Sex Talk – Mother’s Day Psycho Special! Especially for Mother’s Day, we’re pondering the cult of the serial killer, and looking at why these ultimate transgressors, who are on the extreme sexual margins of society, get quite so much attention, sometimes to the point of apparent canonisation. Al Needham tells us what it was […]

Midnight Sex Talk: The Decline of the Gay Bar

Midnight Sex Talk – Decline of the Gay Bar? Back in the 1990s, gay bars and clubs were the places to be. Everyone there seemed to be partying faster and harder, and more attractively, than anyone else. But everything’s changed a bit since then. What we’re asking this week is: have hook-up sites like Gaydar […]

Midnight Sex Talk: Porn versus Erotica

Midnight Sex Talk – Porn Versus Erotica Vintage Midnight Sex Talk! This is your second chance to hear one of our earliest shows, Porn versus Erotica. With guests Robert Posner and Lou Errington, we tease out the similarities between these two supposedly dissimilar concepts. And watch out for the hand-selected worst porn movie titles ever. […]

Midnight Sex Talk: Prostitution and the new UK Laws

Midnight Sex Talk – Prostitution and the New UK Laws There’s been a lot going on with our sex laws recently here in the UK. As with the abortion debate, where sex work is concerned there’s the usual forest of moral panic to negotiate, before you get anywhere near the people who actually do it, […]

Midnight Sex Talk – Addiction

Midnight Sex Talk – Addiction Everyone’s an addict now, apparently. This week’s Midnight Sex Talk looks at sex addiction (does it really exist?) and also what addiction can do to a relationship. If you’re with someone who’s an addict, (and that could be drink, drugs, gambling etc, or, of course, sex), there are three (or […]