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The Two Degrees Show: 1. Science Refresher

The UK’s only weekly programme dedicated to climate change bagan in October with a refresher on the science from a leading authority and a look at the scale and urgency of the challenge now facing us. David Griggs is the Director of the Hadley Centre (the Meteorological Office’s Centre for Climate Prediction and Research). He talks us through the basic science of climate change – what we know and what we don’t know. Dr Alice Bows of the Tyndall Centre is co-author of “Living Within A Carbon Budget” which outlines a plan of action for keeping within the two degrees limit.

· Dr David Griggs (Director, Hadley Centre)
· Dr Alice Bows (Tyndall Centre)

Living Within A Carbon Budget (Tyndall Centre)

Climate Change: Prognosis and courses of action (Phil England)

Climate Radio Archive

Originally broadcast: 10 October 2006