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Outsider In – Frank Bangay

Frank Bangay and Tunde Busari Frank Bangay was born in Wandsworth South London in 1951. He left school at the age of 15 to a variety of different work experiences. He started writing poetry in 1972. Back in the early 1970s, Frank found that expressing himself through poetry helped him to disperse the gloom of […]

Outsider In – Bohman and Paolini

Adam Bohman and Patrizia Paolini arrived on the dot of 8:30 to assemble their extensive array of musical apparatus in the Resonance studios in Borough High St. Adam admitted it was not as extensive as usual, nonetheless they were upbeat about the performance. Adam handed me a couple of sheets of A4 carefully laid out […]

Outsider In – Just me

Tracks: Unedited studio recording of R. Stevie Moore when he was my guest last year, he has just played in London and is now up in the north of England R. Stevie Moore: You dont have to worry about my love off Advanced (2011) Andy Partridge: Mermaid Expanation and Mermaid smiled off Fuzzy Warbles (2006) […]

Outsider In – William English and his texts

In this episode of Outsider In; William English, presenter of Wavelength on Resonance104.4fm. We hear some of the 800 texts exchanged over the past year between Mr. Tregaskis and Mr. English. William English talks to James Tregaskis as well.

Outsider In – Miss Roberts

Its was a hot humid evening, the smell of the two dogs’ breath wafted up from under the desk. Facing me was the lovely Miss Roberts and her faithful slave Cos Chapman. Miss Roberts defied all opposing forces, patiently answering questions prepared for her from a card index. There was no time to waste. Included […]

Outsider In – Dave Russell

Dave Russell – If you discover him – then you will not forget him. Dave is editor of Poetry Express, mainstay of Survivors Poetry and Core Arts.  This is a rare opportunity to hear some new songs by Dave, performed live, with all the unpredictable technical holdups – highly enjoyable I hope. Dave stops to […]

Outsider In – The Talented Losers

A live session from the Talented Losers, comprising the notorious Sexton Ming and poet Colin Shaddick. The Losers conduct an unusual session, in the sense that, Ming is in the studio whilst Shaddick collaborates via telephone. The whole episode ended in a complete meeting of minds, we were united in self-realisation and found our way […]

Outsider In – Robert Beer

Robert Beer in conversation with James Tregaskis – discusses topics including near-death experiences, life between lives, his LSD-induced kundalini crisis and how he became a dealer in buddhist art.                           Robert Beer, has studied and practised Tibetan Art for the past forty years […]

Outsider In – R Stevie Moore

The last time I saw R Stevie Moore was in September 2007. After many emails and phone calls, getting lost on my cumbersome police motorcycle on the highways of New Jersey, I arrived 4 hours late but was still given a warm welcome – we chatted into the evening, Kris, his parter made me some […]

Outsider In – Casino, waitress at Flippers restaurant, Vernon speaks

Dear listener, in this episode you hear me getting to grips with gambling machines for the first time. This was recorded in a hotel casino on a First Nation reservation in Washington State, five miles from the Canadian border. This is followed by a conversation with a waitress in Flippers restaurant, Vancouver Island. Flippers is […]