Outsider In – Casino, waitress at Flippers restaurant, Vernon speaks

Dear listener, in this episode you hear me getting to grips with gambling machines for the first time. This was recorded in a hotel casino on a First Nation reservation in Washington State, five miles from the Canadian border. This is followed by a conversation with a waitress in Flippers restaurant, Vancouver Island. Flippers is a family run business and has the sign of Flipper the dolphin outside. The proprietor is a retired illusionist/magician who used to travel up and down the West coast up to Alaska. At one time he met up with Elvis Presley who was also touring on the road, somewhere along the i5 – he would run into him at another venue, sometimes both of them doing two gigs a night. The waitress, a young, voluptuous woman with a keen interest in tattoos. She had no tattoos but we skimmed through a tattoo magazine together. We end with excerpts by Vernon Howard. Eight beforehand I was visiting Ojai at the Krishnamurti Institute, outside the library, in a cardboard box were lots of cassette tapes with lectures by Vernon Howard. A sign read, “Please Take One” . I took one. Years later, I discovered that he was an advocate of the Fourth Way. Background music: Sunn O))).