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Free University – John Rawls and the Theory of Justice

Prof Jonathan Wolff: John Rawls and the Theory of Justice A discussion of distributive justice, the legacy of logical positivism, ignorance and good. Professor Wolff is Head of Department of UCL Department of Philosophy. Duration: 42:30.

Free University – Art, Class and Cleavage

Ben Watson: Art, Class and Cleavage Ben Watson broadcasts every week on Resonance FM. He is the author of numerous books, poems, provocations and polemic aplenty. Visit Duration: 65:53.

Free University – Natural Disasters and Memorials

Dr Edward Simpson: Remembering natural disasters and memorials in India and Sri Lanka Dr Simpson is a Lecturer in Social Anthropology at the Department of Anthropology and Sociology, SOAS: For recommended further reading and accompanying images, see Tuesday’s FUoTA page at Duration: 37:41.

Free University – Graphic Design Explained

Adrian Shaughnessy: Graphic Design Explained A layperson’s guide to graphic design – what it is, its use in commerce, education and the dissemination of information, and its cultural significance. Why are so many people choosing to study it (design is third most popular degree course in UK!), and why so many people want to make […]

Free University – Wild Elephants of Eastern India?

Dr Alpa Shah: Would Yosemite National Park be a better home for the Wild Elephants of Eastern India? Dr Alpa Shah is a Lecturer at the Department of Anthropology, Goldsmiths, University of London. Her research focuses on addressing the reproduction of inequality and the resultant implications for and experiences of marginalised people. Visit For […]

Free University – George Orwell

Prof Jean Seaton: On George Orwell Jean Seaton is Professor of Media History at the University of Westminster ; and the Official Historian of the BBC. She is the Director of the Orwell Prize. Visit

Free University – Visual Literacy

Prof Peter Rea: Visual Literacy Peter Rea is Hon. Professor Intermedia Studies, HfK Bremen, Germany. He is the con-instigator and chairman of the long-running Profile Intermedia design conference.

Free University – How do you make a man?

Dr Caroline Osella: How do you make a man? An analysis of the construction of male identity in South Asia. Caroline Osella is Reader in Anthropology with reference to South Asia at SOAS. Her specialisms are Kerala, South Asia, South Asian diaspora: ethnophysiology, concepts of person, gender, ethnicity, psychology and anthropology. For accompanying photographs and […]

Free University – Just Intonation

Prof Ben Neill: A Beginner’s Guide to Just Intonation Composer Ben Neill, who studied under LaMonte Young, provides a beginner’s guide to Just Intonation. Ben Neill is Professor of Music Technology and Music Industry at Ramapo College, New Jersey, USA. Visit and Kyle Gann’s website, to which this talk makes extensive reference: With […]

Free University – Images of War

Dr Julian Stallabras: Images of War. Julian Stallabrass lectures in modern and contemporary art at the Courtauld Institute. This lecture accompanies his work on the Brighton Photo Biennial 2008. Visit [WARNING: contains disturbing images which maybe considered unsuitable for children.] and Duration: 24:16.