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Yummy Mummy School Run

Yummy Mummy: Series 1, episode 8

And so, here it is, the final episode of the first series originally broadcast on Resonance in 2008; where we join our heroes looking back on some of their favourite moments of the previous two months. Do you remember that time when Thomas Weaver-Baxter sang at Wimbledon? Or the occasion when Yummy Mummy accidentally got buried alive? Or even that unfortunate Albatross incident? No?  Neither do we.  It’s almost as if someone was disappointed with the series and was attempting to improve it at the last possible moment. Still, the explosive finale is worth sticking around for, unless your particularly into the preservation of soft furnishings…

Moderately slapdash merriment for children old enough to know better…

Yummy Mummy: Series 1, Episode 7

The penultimate instalment of our dusting-off the original YM series from 2008, in this week’s episode evil head of Resonance FM, Thomas Weaver-Baxter has insisted- quite threateningly- on giving Yummy Mummy the week off and banishing him somewhere cold and unpleasant. Yummy Mummy has left a pre-recorded School Run all ready to  roll, but the merciless manager throws it down the well, cranks up the Steinway Grand; and proceeds to hijack the airtime and use it as a platform for his own autobiographical torch-songs. Unfortunately he doesn’t realise that recently-formed avant-colliery marching band Reso-Parpe are heading his way. Famous explorer Captain Robert Falcon Scott makes a guest appearance, implausible as that may seem. Slightly confusing fun for children old enough to know better…

Yummy Mummy: Series 1, episode 6

Amusing childish hokum for kids of all ages. This week’s freshly un-earthed relic of the original YM series from 2008 finds our hero facing the sack after diabolical station manager Thomas Weaver-Baxter creates a gigantic robot replacement, the Mummytron 3000. Is this the answer to Mr. Weaver-Baxter’s prayers? Will he finally be shot of his least favourite programme? Will the Mummytron 3000 prove the perfect presenter? Or is that sinister clanking noise it keeps making an omen of trouble ahead? Only time will tell- and it isn’t much time, only 15 minutes. Frankly, what else would you be doing?

Yummy Mummy: Series 1, episode 5

Continuing our picking o’er the bones of the original and slightly different  series from 2008, this week we find the peace of the Resonance studio shattered by the sudden clanging of the Rhino Alarm; a new safety device installed by despotic station master Thomas Weaver-Baxter as an early warning system to alert the team of the dangers of nearby rhinoceroses. This potentially life-threatening situation forces Yummy Mummy to temporarily abandon the show and seek shelter in the Resonance wardrobe. But where could that rhino have come from? Can anyone save them? How will they ever get it out of the studio? And where on earth is Mr. Weaver-Baxter while all this is going on? Moderately diverting nonsense for children old enough to know better.

Yummy Mummy: Series 1, episode 4

Continuing with our digging up of the original and rather different YMSR series from 2008, this week’s blast from the past comes to you from the park just round the corner from the Resonance studio, where the sun is shining and the birds are singing.  But even this pleasant scene throws up some intriguing questions, such as why is Yummy Mummy perched atop the band-stand dressed in a giant pigeon costume? And why is the evil Thomas Weaver-Baxter watching him through his field glasses and cackling? Could it all have something to do with today being the inaugural day of the mating season for all winged creatures of the air? Will Yummy Mummy get his feathers ruffled? And couldn’t we have given radio legend Willem De Ridder a slightly better role?

Objectionable tomfoolery for children of all ages.

Yummy Mummy: Series 1, episode 3

This week in the latest of our podcasts exhuming the original and somewhat different 2008 series of YMSR; the team are learning all about music. A rather strange woman called Miss Ding-Dong (who sadly didn’t have the mileage to become a regular character) presents her own completely mis-leading history of music in a little under two minutes, and world famous jazz musician Art Farnaby drops into the studio to give us a demonstration of the saxophone. But evil station manager Thomas Weaver-Baxter is up to his old tricks again and poor Art soon finds himself having to contend with a Parsnip blockage…

Slightly appalling fun for children of all ages.

Yummy Mummy: Series 1, episode 2

Continuing with our archive podcasts of the original and rather different Yummy Mummy School Run series in 2008, this week’s episode sees the team learning how to make tie-dye t-shirts with a little help from the nice people at The evil Station Manager Thomas Weaver-Baxter, here using his famous ‘Curse you’ catchphrase for the first time, is full of plans to sabotage the whole thing, with relatively hilarious consequences. Proof, if any was required, of just how dangerous arts and crafts can be when using explosives, and worth listening to just for the musical contributions from Roosevelt Franklin and The Free Design.

Happy New Year, everyone! Will there be a new series in 2011? And will anyone listen if there is? Who knows?

Yummy Mummy: Series 1, episode 1

Whilst the, ahem, ‘masterminds’ behind Yummy Mummy plot their next move in a top secret bunker somewhere, we thought now might be a good time to re-open the files on the original and rather different Yummy Mummy School Run series from 2008.  And so, here it is- the very first episode. How different it all was then, back in the days when they genuinely were trying to make a bona-fide children’s programme rather than just using the premise as an excuse to be silly.  Thomas Weaver-Baxter has only a single line (and a very different voice with which to speak it) and the whole thing has a decidedly wonky feel around the edges. Still, when has that ever stopped Resonance? Plus there’s a visit from those lovely folks at the Puppet State Theatre Company (, a mass tidying spree with a little help from the Barcelona Pavilion and an amusing attempt at multiplication using farmyard animals. By which, of course, I mean an exercise in elementary mathematics. All the close-to-the-wind stuff came later…

Yummy Mummy: Series 2, episode 6

Resonance FM’s high-octane, low-concept children’s light entertainment bonanza for forward-thinking little people and backward-thinking big people. This week finds evil Station Commander Thomas Weaver-Baxter unable to endure another serving of Resonance’s most childish children’s show and so decides to find out what the other stations in the fair city of London have to offer. To his extreme chagrin all they seem able to offer is yet more Yummy Mummy, whose rapidly accelerating fame has forced him to shop around for further endorsements. Yes, for one shining and final moment, every other station in London is going to sound just a little but like Resonance FM. What better way to end the series, other than a sincere promise that it won’t happen again?

Originally broadcast 08/11/2010

Yummy Mummy: Series 2, episode 5

Resonance FM’s high-octane, low-concept children’s light entertainment bonanza for forward-thinking little people and backward-thinking big people. Today’s show and indeed the whole of Resonance FM from this moment on is being brought to you by the terrifyingly heavenly taste of Popsi Cola, the sparkling newly-crowned champion of the carbonated beverage world. This means your weekly dose of post-modern childish hijinks will now be even more lip-smackingly thirst-quenching! And what better way to celebrate this happy union than a peaceful punt down the river Thames aboard historic pirate vessel Radio Coraline? A refreshing time is promised for all. Don’t fight the feeling, you’ll never get away!

Originally broadcast 01/11/2010