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Chips for the Poor: Christmas Special

Once the turkey’s in the microwave, gather the family around the tree, crack open a box of cigars and settle down for the Chips for the Poor Christmas Special, featuring micro-highlights of 2011’s award-losing series. Easy on the mince pies and all the best for 2012.

Chips For The Poor Episode 9: Radio Rapture

Celebrating the end of the world and the end of the series, listen in as Chips For The Poor take you down a three-note musical spiral with special guest FX from Smack Miranda. Are you one of the saved?

Chips For The Poor Episode 8: Design A Wave

Chips For The Poor set the sail for twilight of your mind, with special guest navigator Design A Wave. He’s got a load of electronic boxes and a maths degree, we love him, check his vibes right out here:

Chips For The Poor Episode 7: Mountain Vision

The tin rib kids are back in the Resonance FM studio after clocking in for Easter and clocking out on the Royal Wedding / May day reach-a-round. Chips for the Poor have decided to show the world their inner space workings and go raw like sushi into the studio and commit to writing a new […]

Chips For The Poor Episode 6: Record Store Day

An outside broadcast of Chips For The Poor’s live set at The Windmill, Brixton as a part of International Record Store Day. Many wonderful bands played and Dream Machine Records had a pop-up record shop in the venue. A groovy day out to celebrate the grooviness of records. Relive the fun here. Live sound by […]

Chips For The Poor Episode 5: Remember

They may have achieved eternal glory on their US tour but even the mightiest still have to practice. Ahead of two shows at the weekend, CFTP see if they can remember how to play their hits or if they left their rhythm stick in the haze of the Texan dawn. Track List: Weather Channel Weather […]

Chips For The Poor Episode 4: It Takes Two

Fresh off the plane from Texas, CFTP take to the studio for some new live tracks plus a couple of records. Ben and Clare are getting over their jetlag but Scott and Michael are battling through on coffee and Berocca. Track List: Chips For The Poor: Love Hearts (live) Lie Low Little Doggies: Sons Of […]

Chips For The Poor episode 3: Chicago-SXSW

Chips For The Poor’s adventures in Chicago take them for a ride on the cinema’s famous ‘L’ train and to TV’s famous kids’ dance party Chic-a-go-go. Then an aeroplane takes them South, where they contemplate Texas from the sky. Arriving, still dressed for winter in the perennial summer of the Lone Star State, the band […]

Chips For The Poor Episode 2.5: Chicago Continued

Further cassette diaries from CFTP’s American odyssey, in a clip originally broadcast on Resonance’s Hello GoodBye Show. Hear the band take in some contemporary art, charity shopping, breakfast burritos, jaywalking, numberplate observations, a Bobby Conn gig, a lot of police sirens and a werewolf attack.

Chips For The Poor Episode 2: Chicago

Chips For The Poor kicked off their US tour in Chicago last week. Listen in to their cassette tape diary, live session on the city’s freeform radio station WZRD, their adventure on the “L” train and the first song from their first US concert. Track listing: Weather Channel (live at WZRD) Mobility Plaza (live at […]