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In Search of Inspiration – April 6th 2010

Sharon Gal discusses concepts of inspiration with scientists, politicians, artists and critics. Sharon Gal embarks on a search for inspiration. This week she is joined by vocalist and musician Maggie Nicols to discuss and explore notions and ideas relating to inspiration, its relevance and manifestation.

Maggie Nicols has been singing and performing internationally for over 40 years.

In 1968 she joined John Stevens’ Spontaneous Music Ensemble and began running vocal workshops in the early 70’s, first at the Oval House Theatre and later at community Music. She was part of Keith Tippet’s “Centipede” and together with Phil Minton and Julie Tippet formed the vocal group “Voice”.

By the late ’70s, Maggie became an active feminist and co-founded the group OVA. Not long after, she started the Feminist Improvising Group, with Lindsay Cooper. She also organized Contradictions, a women’s workshop performance group which dealt with improvisation and other modes of performance in a variety of mediums including music and dance.

Over the years, Maggie has collaborated regularly with pianist Irene Schweizer and formidable bassist Joelle Leandre, as the trio Les Diaboliques. In addition to this is her ongoing duo with Ken Hyder.

In the late 80’s she was one of the founders and became the hostess of The London’s Gathering, a space for free expression and creative collaborations which is still going strong, 20 years later.