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Sunday Play: Prisms, by Heather Taylor

At the age of 19, Joseph’s mother was tragically killed in a motor vehicle accident. 20 years on, Prisms shows 3 ways his life could have gone depending on how he handled his grief – in a world of acceptance, anger or ultimate denial.

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Prisms was the Resonance FM Sunday Play on 4th February 2007.

Written by Heather Taylor
Directed by Ottillie Parfitt
Samuel Collings – Joseph
Heather Taylor – Mary

Sunday Play : Blood Electric

A Radio horspil with cyberpunktext, manipulated voice and digital software.

imagine from the scene, where the android at the end of “the possibility of an island” (Houellebeque) sat down on the beach and stared into oblivion with several decades to spare in solitude and calm bliss…. somehow evolution went on from there and small loosely scattered mobs of humanoid androids, cyborgs and advanced machines primarily engaged in “sexual social activities” as in the early good old biblical days, inhabit the world…. and another 300 years later a data storage bank that contains decaying data wich can be remotely accessed, somewhat like the wikipedia now- or as in a remote and since long abandonded callcentre in what used to be Bangladesh- but only as text to speech since all things are blind by then…well something like that sums up my “feel” inside the text bij Kenji Siratori…

furthermore, its a display of the impotency of words in a “foreign” language no longer in use or mastered at a sufficient level as to paint visions with, together with its references, uttered by a voice with no emotional attachment to either…. glimpses of a defunked version of blade runner….

Voice by Stephie Buttrich (model 1.9.2)

Blood Electric was Produced, composed, and edited By Henk Bakker

Text written by Kenji Siratori

Sunday Play : Safe Haven

Safe Haven is a pitch black comedy set in Bosnia immediately after the war.

Sarajevo, November 1995. A cease-fire just about holds while the politicians carve up the country in Dayton, Ohio. Captain James Mole, the UN’s head of intelligence (unofficial and deniable) is the virtuoso of vice who made it happen on the ground. He uses extortion against corruption, savagery against violence and plays on every base instinct known to man – all in the service of the international community. So it seems perfectly reasonable that in his last weeks he makes some money, thanks to a deal with Sarajevo’s biggest war profiteer Branco, and regains a bit of professional honour by catching the indicted war criminal Drankovic. That both plans are illegal under the United Nation’s mandate doesn’t bother him. That it upsets his superiors doesn’t worry him either, but when he’s detailed as military liaison to Victoria Speight-Hamilton, the na•ve and idealistic head of Britain’s aid mission, the familiar rhythms of war begin beat against him.

Save Haven is what happens when cynicism clashes with na•vetŽ, aid with military objectives and clowns in a London bus get mixed up with psychiatrists, gangsters and wanted war criminals.

Ian Harris – Capt. Mole
Antonia Windsor – Victoria
Anna Stephan – Aida
Vedad Sablji_ – Branco
Andrew Price – Col. Peterson
Jack Hughes – Michael Haines-Johnson
Dado Dzihan – Vedran

Sarajevo sound recording and research by Neboj a Jandri
Sound production, design and Editing by Chris French
Associate produced by Nata a Jandri and Adna Sablji

Written and directed by Dan Davies

Sunday Play: Eloise My Dolly

This is a recording of the play “Eloise My Dolly” by Ergo Phizmiz. It’s a radiophonic music-concrete operetta, about one man and his life-size mechanical doll. It was recorded during the latest Audiotoop last sunday the 4th of march.

Ergo Phizmiz was invited to produce a radioplay for the radioplayseries Audiotoop initiated by artspace Extrapool in Nijmegen the Netherlands. Other participants in this series were Vernon and Burns, Felix Kubin, Jan Schellink, Jana&Bertin, Joerg Piringer&Elffriede, Harald Sack Ziegler, LEM & Le Moineau, The Bohman Brothers and many more.”

Sunday Play: The Theif

On the morning of the 29th November 2005, a black plastic case containing an amanoiwabue (a natural stone flute) belonging to the sound artist Akio Suzuki disappeared from the luggage rack of an Amsterdam bound train from Paris Gare du Nord. The seat number was 55, carriage number 18. By the time the theft was noticed the train had already passed Antwerp but the case may have been stolen before the train left the Gare du Nord. This is the tale of the theif.

A play written by Johny Brown. For more info please visit or contact:

  • The Theif was performed live in the ResonanceFM studio on 7th April 2007.
  • The Theif was played by Joanna Pickering
  • The Angel was played by Samuel Collings
  • The music was provided by Howard Jaques and Johny Brown and it was produced by Alisdair McGregor

At time of broadcast, the stone flute remains missing. This play was written and performed in the hope that it can jog someone’s memory and reunite the stone with it’s rightful guardian.

Shine on.