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Art Monthly Talk Show 12th May 2014

  Daniel Miller, Paul O’Kane and Stephen Wilson discuss their features and reviews from the May issue of Art Monthly. Daniel discusses he is Polemic piece entitled  Against Political Art, Pual O’kane discusses his feature New Romatic(ism) and Stephen discusses his report on Art Taipei. The show is hosted by Chris McCormack the Assistant Editor […]

Art Monthly Talk Show 10th March 2014

                    How to Improve your Algorithm. Chris Fite-Wassilak on reclaiming the digital landscape. As our self-surveilling culture of digital sharing turns increasingly dystopian, how have artists – such as Adam Curtis, Simon Denny, Fiona Marron, Dennis McNulty and others – worked to show that these all-encompassing […]

Art Monthly Talk Show 10th February 2014

                  Bob Dickinson discusses his feature from Art Monthly February 2014 on art and unemployment and his reviews of related exhibitions at Tate Liverpool, Castlefield Gallery and Untitled Gallery Manchester. The representation of the jobless in art shifted dramatically in the 20th century as industrialisation brought with […]

Art Monthly Talk Show 13th January 2014

                Art Monthly Talk Show on Resonance104.4FM January 2014 Morgan Quaintance and Laura McLean-Ferris on Kara Walker, Steve McQueen’s 12 Years a Slave and the Lyon Biennale. Hosted by Chris McCormack the Assistant Editor of Art Monthly. Previous episodes are available on Art Monthly’s website Art Monthly magazine […]

Art Monthly Talk Show 9th December 2013

All Clear Paul O’Kane sees through the rhetoric of transparency Recent claims that transparency – particularly the kind heralded by online technologies – is a panacea for democracy veil the fact that, in terms of power relations, these technologies often function more like the one-way mirrors of interrogation rooms. Perhaps artists ought to look back […]

Art Monthly Talk Show 11th November 2013

                George Vasy and Maria Walsh discuss their feature articles from the November issue 371 of Art Monthly. Self 2 Selfie George Vasey on self-portraiture and feminist art The serial photographic self-portrait was adopted in the 1980s by feminist artists such as Jo Spence and Alexis Hunter in […]

Art Monthly Talk Show 14th October 2013

                  This programme is based on two features from issue 370 October 2013 of Art Monthly  Post-racialism- by Morgan Quaintance who looks beyond identity constructs- ‘If identity is constructed, by whom is it constructed? Whom does it serve, and according to what ideological commitments? Seeking answers to these […]

Art Monthly Talk Show 10th June 2013

                50:50 Women are still woefully under-represented in the art world argues Jennifer Thatcher The recent resurgence of feminism has seen the art world again come under scrutiny over inequality. Forty years after the flourishing of the Women’s Liberation Movement, why is there still so far to go? […]

Art Monthly Talk Show 9th September 2013

                Chris Mc Cormack, Art Monthly’s Assistant Editor discusses a feature and a review from issue 369 July/August Art Monthly magazine with the authors. Art & Politics Which side is art on ask Dean Kenning and Margareta Kern In the face of government austerity measures which have squeezed […]

Art Monthly Talk Show 12th August 2013

  This is the second programme based on content from the July/August issue 368 of Art Monthly. Patricia Bickers Editor of Art Monthly discusses her feature “Venice Inside Out”  on the real lines that divide insiders from outsiders At the Venice Biennale, as elsewhere, curators are marshalling ‘outsiders’ and ‘real people’ for the benefit of […]