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Disabled people talking about disability. Wear your scars with pride.
Produced by Tim Abbott and presented by TA, Tim Bonham Carter and Dolly Sen

Technical Difficulties – 10 May 2013

Today we feature an interview conducted by John Pring of Disability News Service with Cornwall Councillor Collin Brewer, who was recently re-elected to serve the Wadebridge East ward.

The full piece is available here:

Cllr Brewer told Disability Cornwall in 2011 that disabled children should be “put down” because the money spent on them was better allocated to projects with a broader reach.

He resigned as a councillor in earlier this year but was re-elected last week.


This programme, on the eve of Mother’s Day in the US is dedicated to women who cannot be mothers. More details on living with women’s infertility, hysterectomy and mourning the loss of children not born, visit


Technical Difficulties from Alex’s Place… again

This week’s show covers adjusting to receiving help when you are used to giving it (and vice versa) and ways to relax, including the increased usage of legalised medicinal marijuana.

Technical Difficulties 4 – from Alex’s Place

Tim Abbott and Sonja K Peterson broadcast from Alex’s Place in Moorhead, Minnesota.

On the fourth anniversary of her hysterectomy, we talk about the loss afterward, especially on the anniversary.

The day after Thanksgiving, we also look at coping with family occasions as a spoonie and managing medication when you want to still have fun.

Technical Difficulties 4:4

Sara Culwell talks through the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act 2010, aka Obamacare, which the Republican nominee for president of the US, Gov. Mitt Romney, wants to repeal.

Contact details at

Technical Difficulties 4:3

News from the mess that is Atos’s assessments and another chance to hear the pink-haired punk Kieran Strange hitting a nerve.


Technical Difficulties 4:2 (with Disability News Service)

Disability News Service round-up including:

? British Paralympians Danielle Brown, David Smith and David Clarke on the effect that Disability Living Allowance has on their lives

? Atos’s continued high rate of failure in testing.

Technical Difficulties 3:14 (Kieran Strange – Autism + Punk)

This week we talk to Kieran Strange, born in Selsey, West Sussex and living in Vancouver with life experience of autism and cancer and a powerful voice and message.

Full details on (And Twitter, Instagram and Facebook)

Technical Difficulties 3:13 (News roundup with Disability News Service)

After a health maintenance break, Tim Abbott is back to recap the news in the disabled community since the mid-series break in April.

Disability News Service is here and Kieran Strange is here

Technical Difficulties 3:12 (Cerebral Palsy)

Series producer Tim Abbott talks to his partner Sonja K Peterson about his 30 years of CP and hemiplegia.