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Podcast + playlist: Hello GoodBye – 22.11.14 – Ft: Pit Ponies + Lucy’s Diary

Pit Ponies and Lucy’s Diary perform live on Resonance FM‘s Hello GoodBye Show. PLAYLIST Boudica – White Liar Pit Ponies – Country Song (LIVE SESSION) Pit Ponies – Becoming (LIVE SESSION) Pit Ponies – Take A Shower (LIVE SESSION) Pit Ponies – Mountain (LIVE SESSION) Pit Ponies – ‘interview’ Taman Shud – The Hex Inverted […]

Podcast + playlist: Hello GoodBye – 15.11.14 – Ft: The Houserockers + Oh! Gunquit

Live music on Resonance FM‘s Hello GoodBye this Saturday lunchtime featuring classic Rock’n’Roll from The Houserockers and raucous Rumble-Bop from Oh! Gunquit. PODCAST Trummor and Orgel – Worlds Collide The Houserockers – Lonely Man (LIVE SESSION) The Houserockers – Shorty The Barber (LIVE SESSION) The Houserockers – Blue Moon Baby (LIVE SESSION) The Houserockers – […]

Podcast and playlist: Hello GoodBye – 08.11.14 – Ft: Flemmings + Emma Tricca + Anguish Sandwich

The Hello Goodbye Show with live music on Resonance FM from Pan-European, South London racket makers Flemmings, Northampton based indie-rock, noise-niks Anguish Sandwich plus, guitar picking, Italian born folk singer Emma Tricca. PLAYLIST Flemmings – Wizards (LIVE SESSION) Flemmings – So (LIVE SESSION) Flemmings – Fake Identity (LIVE SESSION) Flemmings – I’m Afraid I’m A […]

Podcast and playlist: Hello GoodBye – 25.10.14 – FT: Chips For The Poor + Steve Christie

Chips For The Poor and Steve Christie perform live in session on Resoanance FM‘s Hello GoodBye. PLAYLIST Anguish Sandwich – Goungzhou Romance Musical Instruments Co. Chips For The Poor – Scarecrow Electric (LIVE SESSION) Chips For The Poor – Crab Shakkin’ (LIVE SESSION) Chips For The Poor – Bad Scenes 2 (LIVE SESSION) Trash Kit […]

Podcast and playlist: Hello GoodBye – 11.10.14 – Ft: Andy Hankdog + Snowpoet

Andy Hankdog and Snowpoet perform live in session on Resonance FM‘s Hello GoodBye Show. PLAYLIST Andy Hankdog – Boo Hoo (LIVE SESSION) Andy Hankdog – ‘interview’ Andy Hankdog – ‘click’ (LIVE SESSION) Andy Hankdog – All Ends Up (LIVE SESSION) Fat White Family – I Am Mark E. Smith David Cronenbergs Wife – The Neighbourhood […]

Podcast and playlist: Hello GoodBye – 04.10.14 – Ft: blurt + Bunty

Resonance 104.4 FM‘s Hello GoodBye Show with Ted Milton’s band blurt and Bunty performing live music in the studio. PLAYLIST blurt – Giant Lizards On High (LIVE SESSION) blurt – Fresh Meat For Martyrs (LIVE SESSION) blurt – Amour De Mavie (LIVE SESSION) blurt – Hat (LIVE SESSION) blurt (Ted Milton) – ‘interview’ Dexter Gordon […]

Podcast + playlist: Hello GoodBye – 27.09.14 – Ft: Gum Takes Tooth + Circuit Breaker

Gum Takes Tooth and Circuit Breaker perform live in the studio this Saturday lunchtime on Hello GoodBye / Resonance FM. PLAYLIST The Cat’s Knickers – Which Way Now Gum Takes Tooth – This Perfect Surface (LIVE SESSION) Gum Takes Tooth – Six Man Blues (LIVE SESSION) Gum Takes Tooth – ‘interview’ Mdou Moctar – Nikali […]

Podcast and playlist: Hello GoodBye – 20.09.14 – Ft: Gerry Mitchell, Pjaro + Shotgun Otto

Pjaro and Shotgun Otto perform live in session and Gerry Mitchell reads poetry on Resonance FM‘s Hello GoodBye Show. PLAYLIST Momus – Yes Gerry Mitchell – Little Saints (POETRY RECITAL) Gerry Mitchell – ‘interview’ Pjaro – Grey Haired Male (LIVE SESSION) Pjaro – Skin Merchant (LIVE SESSION) Pjaro – Friday Night Bookies London Road (LIVE […]

Podcast and playlist: Hello GoodBye – 13.09.14 – Ft: Alpha Maid + Tiny Leaves

Alpha Maid and Tiny Leaves perform live in session on Hello GoodBye on Resonance FM. Playlist: Trash Kit – Skin Skinny Girl Diet – Burnout Alpha Maid – Bullshitter (LIVE SESSION) Alpha Maid – A Man (LIVE SESSION) Alpha Maid – Body Chores (LIVE SESSION) Council Tax Band – Jobcentre Alpha Maid – Interview Unit […]

Podcast and playlist: Hello GoodBye – 28.06.14 – Ft: Spaceheads + Parvaz Ensemble

This was the final Hello GoodBye Show of the current season and featured live music from Spaceheads and Parvaz Ensemble. NB* The deXter Bentley Hello GoodBye Show will return to air on Resonance FM at midday on Saturday 13th September 2014. PLAYLIST The Fish Police – People Skills Spaceheads – Hello Goodbye / improvised (LIVE […]