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The Bike Show: From the Tropics to the Stones

Marvin Suicide: The Promo

Marvin Suicide is a weekly 30 minute programme that only plays music and sounds that have been found freely and legally on the internet. It is available as a podcast at and is currently being broadcast on Resonance 104.4FM at 6:00pm on Sundays. subscribe to the podcast

You Are Hear: Ardisson

This live session of Ardisson was first heard live on Magz Hall’s You Are hear Show on Resonance 104.4 FM on Jan 16th 2006. “Ardisson is none other than the one man beat smith and breaks maniac, Charles Matthews. A master at getting the audience revved up and ultimately hooked on butt crunching bass and […]

You Are Hear: This Is The Kit

This live session of This is the Kit was first heard live on Magz Hall’s You Are hear Show on Resonance 104.4 FM on Jan 9th 2006. This is the Kit is Kate Stables who hails from Winchester (England) currently living in Paris. She is also in several other bands including Whalebone Polly and Morningstar […]

You Are Hear Sessions: Noblesses Oblige

This session from Noblesse Oblige was first aired on the You Are Hear show on Dec 19th 2005. Noblesse Oblige have been variously described as an “electronic art rock synth duo: Klaus Nomi crossed with Laibach or DAF teutonic disco” (Rough Trade) or “Weimar Germany for the 21st Century Dance Floor” (Tank) You […]

You Are Hear Sessions: Miasma

This Miasma session was first aired on You Are Hear show on Dec 5th 2005Miasma & the Carousel of Headless Horses are a British instrumental quintet that plays dark, antiquated sounding music encompassing elements of Eastern European folk, avant-rock, broken-down calliope music, and neo-classical film composition. Their music can only be compared to many artists […]

You Are Hear Sessions: Bruno & Michel are smiling and Skipperrr

Bruno & Michel are smiling and Skipperrr played a live session on You Are Hear on Nov 21st 2005. ‘Once we used to be a two headed dog. Our heads then became divided on a dusky pasture beyond the famous Oceanos by a guy who called himself Heracles. He thought that he killed us, but […]

You Are Hear Sessions: Bohman Brothers

This Bohman Brother session was originally broadcast live on June 6th 2005 on the You Are Hear Show. The Bohman Brothers are the creators of a unique and impure experimental music. Traces of Fluxus japery, musique concrete, sound poetry and free improvisation can be detected, yet ultimately the whole is greater and more arcane than […]

You Are Hear Sessions: Sculpture

This Sculpture performance was recorded live at the You Are Hear event Fake Folk and Wrong Music at Cargo on September 15th September 2005. Sculpture is the work of Dan Hayhurst who breathes life into old old tape machines creating the most blissful music of the future melding tape loops and synths. You Are […]

You Are Hear Sessions: Jean Herve Peron

The Jean-Herve Peron session you are about to hear was first broadcast live on November 7th 2005 on the You Are Hear show. Jean-Hervé Peron is best known as the de facto front man for Faust, his onstage antics with chainsaws, explosives and naked painting sessions have inspired several generations. You Are Hear is produced […]