You Are Hear: Ardisson

This live session of Ardisson was first heard live on Magz Hall’s You Are hear Show on Resonance 104.4 FM on Jan 16th 2006.

“Ardisson is none other than the one man beat smith and breaks maniac, Charles Matthews. A master at getting the audience revved up and ultimately hooked on butt crunching bass and bastard hard sonics, this young producer commands the utmost of respect as he tries to harness as best as he humanely can, the unhinged members of his mechanical family which seem ruthlessly resolute in undermining not only the musical status quo, but, the godforsaken man himself. ” Bruce McClure

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2 thoughts on “You Are Hear: Ardisson

  1. Kasey Kite

    These little streaming flash things stop playing whenever there’s a window in front of this one, or even when i’m in another tab. As I multitask quite heavily, this is very annoying. Would it kill you to just provide direct download links somewhere?

  2. mr_trick Post author

    Ahhh – nothing like polite listeners eh?

    1. Try subscribing to the feed – then you’ll download the show automatically every time a new session goes online.

    2. If that is too much to ask, try viewing the actual podcast feed that we list for you to subscribe to – its by the way – and you will see that there is a direct link there.

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