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Marvin Suicide: The Promo

Marvin Suicide is a weekly 30 minute programme that only plays music and sounds that have been found freely and legally on the internet. It is available as a podcast at and is currently being broadcast on Resonance 104.4FM at 6:00pm on Sundays. subscribe to the podcast

Rhythm Incursions: Mr Trick’s “Hella Flossy” mix

Apologies for not posting much in the last month or so; with a baby arriving any time now and a housemove on the way things have been a bit hectic. Sorry all! Anyway, by way of apology, here is a treat for you all: the Hella Flossy mix Trick dropped on Jonny Reggae‘s radio show […]

Rhythm Incursions: DJ Olive Live In Session

Out fifth podcast in the mighty Rhythm Incursions podcast series is another live mix session, this time from New York’s DJ Olive. In September last year, Olive was over to play The Barbican in London with Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth. While he was in town we hooked up, and at super short notice (about […]

Rhythm Incursions: exclusive Sci Fu sampler mix!

Ahead of the release of Waxfactor’s “Sci Fu” album on the 13th March, we thought we’d get a member of the Needlework/Rhythm Incursions extended famalam to come in and wreck up the album into a promotional megamix for you. Enter Buddy Peace, aka Chunky Love, aka Flashy Molasses, who brings the styles he’s now famous […]

Rhythm Inc Exclusive: Dday One Megamix by 2tall

As many of you know, when they’re not presenting Rhythm Incursions Mr Trick and Waxfactor can be found at Needlework Records; Trick in his capacity as label manager and artist, Wax in his capacity as artist and errant A&R man. So, we thought we’d podcast out a taster of the next release on Needlework Records, […]

Rhythm Incursions: Podcast #4

Mr Trick is back once again, with a fine selection of killer tunes all here for you to download and get addicted to. In addition to the insanely dope music listed below, we have a special on a label that remains a steadfast favourite in Rhythm Inc. Towers, and that’s Wordsound. Back for 2006 with […]

Rhythm Incursions Podcast #3

On this show Waxfactor steps up to the presenter’s chair armed with a fistful of exclusives and wall-to-wall killer tunes for your delectation. Tracklisting: Waxfactor – Intro Heat Sensor – Regime (Remix) [unreleased] NMS – Hold The Atmosphere [Big Dada] DJ Wally – Out There In Dub Minor [Samz Jointz] DJ Rupture – Desplazados [The […]

Rhythm Incursions: David Last in session

Ahh, now here is a fantastic musical treat for you all. On August 4th this year, David Last of The Agriculture stopped by the Resonance studio to perform a live set. As this set went out as a Clear Spot (a 90 min. nightly slot on the station where artists basically take over, and do […]

Rhythm Incursions: Podcast Show #1

The first Rhythm Incursions show is now online. Click here to download it! Tracklisting: Kevin Eldon Resonance FM Shoutout Intro: Fallen – Tubbybeat [unreleased] Mutamassik – m28 [Sound Ink] DJ Flack – Klez Dub [Beat Research] Waxfactor – SRB RMX feat Mista Ed [Needlework Records] Teledubgnosis – In Heaven, A Devil (The Bug Heaven Dub) […]