Rhythm Incursions: Podcast #4

Mr Trick is back once again, with a fine selection of killer tunes all here for you to download and get addicted to. In addition to the insanely dope music listed below, we have a special on a label that remains a steadfast favourite in Rhythm Inc. Towers, and that’s Wordsound. Back for 2006 with a slew of new releases, they are sounding better than ever. But don’t take our word for it – check out the 3 world exclusive tracks we have here for your listening pleasure. As if that ain’t enough, we also have a stunning “Wordsound Brasil” t-shirt for you to win, to celebrate the forthcoming “Wordsound: Made In Brasil” compilation. Don’t sleep people!

1. Intro: Fallen – Tubbybeat [unreleased]
2. Spankrock – Rick Rubin (President Evil ReVox feat. Pase Rock) [Big Dada]
3. Waxfactor – Down For The Count [Needlework Records]
4. Belle & Sebatian & DJ Signify – Space Boy Dream (Joe Beats Mix) [taken from Indie Rock Blues CD, available at www.joeybeats.com]
5. DJ Olive – Follow Me I’ll Be Right Behind You [The Agriculture]
6. Philosophy Major – The Gods of Light and Anger [unreleased – check www.myspace.com/philosophymajormusic for more info]
7. Dday One – Unstable Material Pt.2 [Needlework Records]
8. Spectre feat. Labtekwon – Home [Wordsound]
9. Sensational meets Kouhei – The Purple People [Wordsound]
10. DJ KLOS – Niteroi Freestyle [Wordsound]
11. Sixtoo – Side D from Songs From The Film By Pablo Aravena – “Next : A Primer on Urban Painting” [Bully Records]
12. QPE – Stare [The Agriculture]
13. Ghislain Poirier – Light Ya Ass On Fire RMX [taken from www.ghislainpoirier.com]
14. Clever Bunny – Alphasong (Instrumental) [Carbon Logic]
15. ID & Sleeper – Balance [Mush]

Advance notice: keep an eye on this feed in the second week of March, as we’ll be podcasting an amazing mix session from DJ Olive. Trust us, you don’t want to miss it.

5 thoughts on “Rhythm Incursions: Podcast #4

  1. Lulu

    Something’s wrong with your feed – Juice displays the file as a sixty-something MByte, but only downloads a small less-then-1MB unplayable file.
    BTW, this is happening to all Resonance podcasts. Are you guys chenging to live streaming only?

  2. mr_trick Post author

    That’s very odd. If I access the feed link via the http://feeds.feedburner.com/rhythmincursions site, I can download it fine. I can also stream it in full using the built-in player on this page.

    The filesize is certainly being reported correctly by Juice too (its about 62.9Mb in size), so I’m not sure how its then only downloading a <1Mb file…

    Can you try the above two methods of downloading/listening and see if they work for you?


  3. salimfadhley

    Juice and Castpodder are python based podcatchers that rely on Python’s urllib2 to do all the gruntwork of downloading stuff. There is a bug in urllib2 that means it cannot cope with coralised URLs. Pretty much every other podcatcher works fine, so use something like iTunes. If like me you use Linux then you should join the effort to fix Python or Castpodder/Juice.

  4. salimfadhley

    I’ve done some hacking on the server, you should be able to get Trick’s banging choons via CastPodder and Juice now… roumor has it that all the Juice developers have gone onto the CastPodder project. Personally I think iTunes is much better on mac and windows.

  5. Martin

    Excellent podcast!! Episode #4 just rocks! I just love the variety we get from Mr Trick. And a big thank you for mentioning my name and website!!! I hope this podcast carries on for ever.

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