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Wavelength – Simon Payne

Simon Payne

Wavlength – Bill English, drummer, and associates

This week sees more dissociative identity disorder. Whilst searching for Bill English jazz drummer, I discovered yet another Bill English or in this case Billy English, also a drummer, who played with Willie Nelson on Across the Borderline. To further confuse matters, Billy turns out to be the same Bill English and is accompanied on […]

Wavelength – Tom, Dick, but no Harry. Doppelgangers part 2.

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose, By any other name would smell as sweet.”…on the particular Sunday in question, several years ago, one of the performers inside the aforementioned warehouse was a certain Mr Richard Thomas who has since risen to become Content Manager of Resonance and he is one of […]

Wavelength – Music for Children.

Songs of Sense and Nonsense – Tell It Again, by the unlikely combination of Moondog and Julie Andrews (and Martyn Green) first recorded in 1957 and then re-issued on CD in 2009. The Seasons from the BBC Schools Radio Series Drama Workshop presented by Derek Bowskill with poems by Ronald Duncan and Radiophonic Music by […]

Wavelength – Paul Gorman

Talking with Paul Gorman writer, cultural commentator and curator, author of The Look Adventures in Rock & Pop Fashion.

Wavelength – Upside down Kangaroo.

…This particular Bill English LP was displayed on the wall in the basement of Harold Moore’s Records in Soho. I had seen it there about 3 weeks ago and made a beeline for the shop, down the stairs and up to the wall. It had gone. I asked the staff who had no knowledge of […]

Wavelength – “Five American Portraits” by Art and Language and The Red Krayola.

This week we continue the investigation into the liaison between the conceptual Art group “Art and Language” and The Red Krayola, naming the members of each outfit would take up the remaining 25 minutes of the programme. Previous programmes focussed on the Red Krayola and the Familiar Ugly up to 1976 when they combined with […]

Wavelength – Art and Language: Corrected Slogans

Part two of a series about Art and Language and their musical collaborations with The Red Krayola. Today’s programme starts with two tracks by Cornelius Cardew from his Maoist phase. Readings from Charles Harrison’s Essays on Art and Language and then several tracks from Corrected Slogans (1976).

Wavelength – 1000 Stations

Adham Fisher interviewed. Adham has tried to enter the Guinness Book of Records by visiting every station on the London Underground in record time i.e. something less than the present record of approximately 16 hours. He’s also toured the underground rail networks of Chicago, New York and Paris and along with several collaborators produced an […]

Wavelength – Red Krayola and Art and Language.

Should have been one episode but there’s too much material to pack in to 30 minutes so it will be continued… The Red Krayola and their collaboration with conceptual Art collective; Art and Language. Tracks today from Red Crayola’s first LP (they became Krayola after being threatened with legal action if they retained Crayola); The […]