Wavelength – Red Krayola and Art and Language.

Should have been one episode but there’s too much material to pack in to 30 minutes so it will be continued… The Red Krayola and their collaboration with conceptual Art collective; Art and Language. Tracks today from Red Crayola’s first LP (they became Krayola after being threatened with legal action if they retained Crayola); The Parable of Arable Land, with The Familiar Ugly 1967: Free form Freak Out 5 followed by the title track Parable of the Arable Land and then Hurricane Fighter Plane (stereo edition). Then, Listen to This and The Shirt from their second album issued in 1968: God Bless The Red Krayola And All Who Sail With It. Finally a couple of tracks from Corrected Slogans with Art and Language 1976.