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Hollingsville: Episode 10, Monsters

Slouching into Hollingsville for episode ten of the series are artist Laurie Lipton and Strange Attractor’s Mark Pilkington. Musical interludes come courtesy of the McCarricks with background moods by Graham Massey. Monsters, no matter what their shape or size or attitude, serve as a warning and should be welcomed as such. Having no place either […]

Hollingsville: Episode 9, Wounds – Blood on the Street

Appearing on episode nine of ‘Hollingsville’ are cultural pathologist supreme Ross MacFarlane of the Wellcome Library and the celebrated crime novelist Cathi Unsworth. Join Ken Hollings and his guests for gimlet-eyed observations and flinty asides. Musical interludes come courtesy of the masterful UnicaZürn, with background moods by Graham Massey. The wound represents an entry into […]

Hollingsville: Episode 8, Trash – The Gasp between Clichés

Joining Ken Hollings for episode eight of ‘Hollingsville’ are Roger K Burton, of the Horse Hospital and the Contemporary Wardrobe Collection, and artist Edwin Pouncey, AKA Savage Pencil. Expect tough talk and grim idealism. Interludes for the show are taken from the Edwin Pouncey archives and include an extract from the recorded interview he conducted […]

Hollingsville: Episode 7, Events – The Birth of Chance

In the seventh episode of ‘Hollingsville’, studio guests are creator of glamours Tai Shani and cultural hustler supreme Richard Strange. Prepare to be blinded by silence. Specially commissioned musical interludes and moods are by ‘Hollingsville’ composer in residence, Graham Massey. Ins and outs, as always, are by Indigo Octagon. After staging the first complete performance […]

Hollingsville: Episode 6, Spaces – Buildings Dream Too

In the sixth episode of ‘Hollingsville’, studio guests will be Andy Sharp AKA English Heretic cartographer of intense psychic spaces and radical mediumistic ideologue Mark Fisher. Specially commissioned musical interludes will be by English Heretic with additional moods by ‘Hollingsville’ composer in residence, Graham Massey. Ins and outs are by Indigo Octagon. ‘The concept of […]

Hollingsville: Episode 5, Dreams – While the City Sleeps

Episode 5: Dreams: While the City Sleeps Welcome to the fifth episode of ‘Hollingville’. My studio guest is Julian House of Ghost Box. Be on the lookout for deep-water soundings, lurking sea monsters, phantom sonar activity, the ruins of Atlantis and spectral dream broadcasts from beyond. Specially commissioned musical interludes will be by David Knight […]

Hollingsville: Episode 4, Networks – Welcome to the Labyrinth

Welcome to the fourth episode of ‘Hollingville’. My studio guest is music and technology writer Becky Hogge, former executive director of the Open Rights Group. Expect unscripted ruminations on social networking and online politics, high weirdness and paranoia, ARPANET and the Cold War, CNN and Desert Storm, DRM and balls of wool. Specially commissioned musical […]

Hollingsville: Episode 3, Machines: History and Hardware

Welcome to the third episode of ‘Hollingville’. My studio guests are composer and musician Bruce Woolley, friend to robots everywhere, and writer and editor James Bridle, who has built the universe’s largest computer out of matchboxes and beads. Expect live and unscripted ruminations on music-making machines: ‘the other kind of instruments’, typewriters, early movie cameras, […]

Hollingsville: Episode 2, Media The Extensions of God

Welcome to the second episode of ‘Hollingville’. My studio guests are Russell Davies noted cultural commentator and and Resonance’s very own Richard Thomas, graciously filling in at the last minute for Gary Lachman, who is stuck in Florida, waiting for a flight back to London. Expect unscripted ruminations on the ecology of live and dead media, […]

Hollingsville: After visiting Mars, where next?

Welcome to Hollingsville: the new twelve-part series from writer Ken Hollings. A World’s Fair of the airwaves, the shows focuses each week on a different aspect of our historical relationship with technology. From machines to monsters, spaces to dreams, this Radio Expo offers an unscripted tour through the chosen theme, utilising voices and sounds from […]