Hollingsville: After visiting Mars, where next?

Welcome to Hollingsville: the new twelve-part series from writer Ken Hollings. A World’s Fair of the airwaves, the shows focuses each week on a different aspect of our historical relationship with technology. From machines to monsters, spaces to dreams, this Radio Expo offers an unscripted tour through the chosen theme, utilising voices and sounds from special guests and presented by Ken Hollings with his usual idiosyncratic flair.

For this episode (the first of 12) Ken Hollings and guests Steve Beard and Matt Jones discuss voodoo science parks, cities as battle suits, pods, capsules and world expos. Specially commissioned musical interludes are by the Hollingsville composer in residence, Graham Massey.




Ken Hollings is the author of Welcome To Mars: Fantasies of Science in the American Century 1947-1959, available from Strange Attractor Press.

For more information go to http://www.strangeattractor.co.uk or http://www.kenhollings.blogspot.com

One thought on “Hollingsville: After visiting Mars, where next?

  1. Andrew McLean

    The link for this file is broken (all of the links for the later episodes still seem to be working). It would be great if you could make episode 1 available again!

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