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Steve Parry’s Totally Biased – Post Election Special

Totally Biased is in post election meltdown. This show was first broadcast live at the very moment that David Cameron was visiting old Pound Face at the palace to pick up the keys to Number Ten. Steve is joined by David Tuck to discuss the big lesson of Election 2010 – Never ever trust a […]

Jam Tomorrow – May 4th 2010

Paul Richards and Katharine Hibbert discuss the final week of politics before the general election. Today they talk to Joss Garman from Greenpeace and Andrew Robinson from the Pirate Party UK who is the Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Worcester.

Jam Tomorrow – April 30th 2010

Jam Tomorrow looks at Politics: The Next Generation. K.Biswas and Rys Farthing are joined by the leading experts from the current generation of young politicos, including feminist blogger Laurie Penny; founder of Liberal Conspiracy and Pickled Politics Sunny Hundal; Editor of Left Foot Forward Will Straw; environmental campaigner Joss Garman; and Chair of Young Labour […]

The Steve Parry Show: Totally Biased – May 4th 2010

Steve Parry’s Totally Biased – Election Special. As always Steve  proudly pops on his red blinkers to bring us his apoplectic analysis of the final days of the campaign. David Tuck attempts to moderate and ‘Comedy Terrorist’ and Asylum Campaigner aka Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Whitney, Aaron Barschak, joins them to discuss his chances of […]

Jam Tomorrow – April 27th 2010

Pre-election analysis with Paul Richards, Joseph Kassman-Tod and Katharine Hibbert. Today: the campaign to date and the outsiders’ chances in the forthcoming election. Jeremy Drinkall (Anti-Capitalist, Vauxhall) is among those interviewed plus the team catch up with Anthony Barnett about his Hang ‘em campaign.

Ian Bone’s By-Election Special – April 28th 2010

The inimitable Ian Bone, veteran agitator and anarchist, gives the election some scrutiny. Today’s guests are Andy Meinke, editor of Freedom, the oldest British anarchist newspaper and Martin Wright of the Whitechapel Anarchist Group.

Jam Tomorrow – Episode 6 – April 23rd 2010

For today’s edition of Jam Tomorrow – 2:30pm – K.Biswas and Rys Farthing  dissect another overlooked issue – what the election means for women. With a decidedly male body politic and women’s issues marginalised to ‘women’s hour’, we explore what the upcoming election could mean for women. Joining Biz and Rys in the studio are Bronwyn […]

The Steve Parry Show: Totally Biased – April 20th 2010

Steve Parry’s Totally Biased – Election Special 3. Steve bring’s us his apoplectic analysis of the campaigns so far. Helping him wade through the river of media dribble spewed up in the wake of Nick Clegg’s “bone calcifyingly mediocrity”, is fellow traveller and film maker David Tuck. Steve also talks to prospective parliamentary candidate for […]

Jam Tomorrow – Episode 5 – April 22nd 2010

Paul Richards, Katharine Hibbert, Joe Kassman-Tod and guests discuss politicians’ promises and the crucial issues driving the 2010 election campaigns. This week they look at arts and culture policy with critic J.J.Charlesworth and the artist Bob & Roberta Smith.  Hibbert, Kassman-Tod and Richards also reflect on the second electoral TV debate.

Ian Bone’s By-Election Special – April 21st 2010

Ian Bone’s By-Election Special The inimitable Ian Bone aka Captain Swingometer, veteran agitator and anarchist, gives the election some scrutiny. Today, Ian discusses what a boring election it has thus far been and the Election Meltdown with Chris Knight – an agent of the Government of The Dead – and Yodet of the Whitechapel Anarchist […]