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Red Zero Radio: Atomhead

Atomhead ploughs a chaotic path of blistering squelch. Reminiscent of Xenakis’ late 60s electronic work the music operates at the border of dancefloors and power electronics. This set was recorded live at PUNXTC in Strasbourg, a very memorable Hangars Liquides party, 12 Nov 2005. More here> Entity netlabel, Hangars Liquides, Dyslexic Response (aka UndaCova) This […]

Red Zero Radio: Dan Hekate

As part of the “HEKATENYEARS” all night sessions, back in June ’06, we featured the dirty, twisted, abrasive bass heavy sonics of electro kid Dan Hekate.  His ‘Wireism’ mix was one of many excellent sets from that night. Check out their website for more from this unique european sound system :hekate sound system

Red Zero Radio: Drumcorps

Waking the redZEROradio podcast from it’s slumber comes the dread metal mentalism of Drumcorps>> > drumcorps Over in London at the end of March ’06 for a Torment ‘Laserquest’ party in Kingston that evening, we were lucky enough to catch the full Drumcorps set live at the ResonanceFM studios. The party featuring El Kano & […]

Red Zero Radio: The Whispering Minority

Taking a more restrained spin this month redZEROradio explores the dark, shrouded & reverberant textures of the Whispering Minority. This mix has input from some crafty underground figures on the London beatz scene. Track listing Where do I come from? – The Whispering Minority Document 3.3 – Performing Wrongs Society Statefunded digital experiments – Binary […]

Red Zero Radio – Society Suckers Unreleased

Regular favourites on redZEROradio the duo return with a special mix of some of their earlier, unreleased material.

Red Zero Radio – Duracell & “Guys! I’ve got a brilliant idea for a new band! I’ll play super-fast and on it hardcore rock and roll drum kit while you lot play synthesisers through a huge stack of guitar amps! We’ll cover Lightning Bolt and 80’s arcade themes and ROCK OUT!”. “Sorry Andy… I’m a bit busy just […]

Red Zero Radio: Hue Jah Fink?

Hue Jah Fink? , master of the splatter break and regular DJ on the squat scene and also with the London’s legendary Unsound System present exclusive new material. Please note: to download the MP3 of this podcast you must be subscribed to the podcast feed!

Red Zero Radio – Binray

Binray mines the interface of order and chaos in Bristol UK. Releases: Hyena Ventilator EP ZOD23 Grim Dubs Vol2 split w/Uberdog Cedderoth Bloodstopper EP NTT020 (October 2005) check for info on gigs/releases email” Click to download the show (39Mb)

RedZEROradio – Ely Muff Live

Ely Muff live at ResonanceFM January’04, the Headfuk crew, one of London’s original squat party systems, came in and rinsed it for 4hrs , this was the last hour from a very live Ely Muff. Sounds like a thousand squat parties sucked into the mix creating this roller coaster breakcore’n’gabba mashup ride. The mix climaxes […]

Red Zero Radio – Ambassador 21 Live

Click to download Red Zero Radio: Ambassador 21 Live