Red Zero Radio – Duracell &

“Guys! I’ve got a brilliant idea for a new band! I’ll play super-fast and on it hardcore rock and roll drum kit while you lot play synthesisers through a huge stack of guitar amps! We’ll cover Lightning Bolt and 80’s arcade themes and ROCK OUT!”.

“Sorry Andy… I’m a bit busy just at the moment….”

“FINE! I’ll do it all MYSELF with this hybrid drumkit – synthesiser type machine I’ve just invented! I don’t need you FOOLS! ONE MAN, A DRUMKIT AND A HUGE SPEAKER STACK IS ALL I NEED! HA, HA, HA!”.

3 thoughts on “Red Zero Radio – Duracell

  1. fstab

    duracell pwned my ears!!! i like his g33k technology hah… after burner song is the greatest!!! i want him in czech republic for playin soon : D

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