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OST 01.06.2014 – Robin The Fog’s Denman Horn Special

Soundtracks, library and television music, usually brought to you by Mr. Jonny Trunk. This week’s show (and the first podcast in ages, for which we are truly and humbly sorry) comes to you from the Science Museum in London’s South Kensington, and was broadcast both live on Resonance FM and down a 27 foot-long loudspeaker from 1929. Lovingly restored by Aleksander Kolkowski and his team from the original design by Roderick Denman, today’s hour-long special features a carefully curated horn-friendly playlist designed to show the biggest loudspeaker in Britain in it’s most flattering light- and is therefore choc-full of field recordings, radiophonic curiosities, and – of course – foghorns. Full track-listing and some nice photos to accompany your listening experience here. I suppose I could have included them on this posting, but frankly I could do with the extra web traffic.

Strap on your ear-goggles and let’s roll! Best wishes,

Robin The Fog

OST 14.04.2013 – John Parish

Soundtracks, library and television music and other assorted jollies with ringmaster Jonny Trunk. Today’s guest is rock master and soundtrack composer John Parish. Infamous for his collaborations with PJ Harvey, Parish has been quietly forging his career in the world of independent film, creating inspired soundscapes and scores for a number of hip art-house movies. His first ever soundtrack compilation has just been issued on Thrill Jockey Records and we’re very chuffed to have him on the show. Get downloading…

OST 16.05.2009 – Paddy Kingsland

Soundtracks, library and TV music with Jonny Trunk. This week’s special guest is Radiophonic Workshop legend Paddy Kingsland. Having found this show down the back of the Resonance sofa, we literally cannot believe listeners haven’t been picketing the Resonance studios for it’s release. Get downloading, quick!

OST 15.09.2012 – Summer Special

Soundtracks, library music and other assorted jollies with Jonny Trunk.
After a ‘well-earned’ summer break (that’s what it says here), Jonny returns with a 2 hour beats of a show examining the awesome releases of the Olympic summer. He also uses the word ‘chillax’ for which he will be disciplined later.
Headphones on…

OST 26.02.2011 Andy Partridge of XTC

Film soundtracks, library music and tank top appreciation with Jonny Trunk.
Back in 2011 the OST Show travelled to Swindon to meet the great Andy Partridge. Here’s how it went.

OST 15.12.2012 – 2012 Review Part Two

Part Two of the 2012 Review Of The Year. More joy from 12 months of soundtrack action, including some rare Ravi Shankar film music to mark the great man’s passing.

OST 08.12.12 – 2012 Review Part One

Soundtracks, library music and assorted tittle-tattle brought to you by Jonny Trunk. With February looming large, what better time to look back at some of last year’s highlights? It’s probably best not to question the timing of these podcasts and just be glad they exist. Anyway, this week Jonny present a superb overview of the soundtrack releases of 2012. A feast that includes musical morcels from Moonrise Kingdom to lost recording found on a Paris dump.

OST 22.10.2012 – Southern Library Special

Jonny Trunk introduces a recently discovered stash of sublime 7″ library records from the early 1960s, all issued by the Southern library label. These are rare beasts indeed, all found by a dedicated OST listener who wanted to share his musical fortune with us all. Two hours of incredible music by the likes of Roger Roger, Johnny Scott and several more very clever musicians…

OST 03.10.2012 – Greek Special

Superb OST Show with Jonny ‘Spellcheck, Dammit!’ Trunk here with a music trip to Greece. Yes, Greek film music and Greek soundtrack Gods – Theodorakis, Vangelis, Hadjidakis etc and not a plate smashing sequence in sight. Awesome, beautiful, abstract and rarely heard sounds…

OST 04.05.2012 – Ten Year Anniversary Special

Jonny Trunk presents the Resonance FM tenth anniversary OST Show, with a 2 hour review of the film music, TV music and soundtracks we have played, discovered, dug up and championed in the last exciting decade. Marvellous! He also takes time out to give Robin The Fog a slap for not uploading these archive podcasts more regularly. More treats coming soon and more regularly, we promise…

Here’s to the next ten years!