OST 04.05.2012 – Ten Year Anniversary Special

Jonny Trunk presents the Resonance FM tenth anniversary OST Show, with a 2 hour review of the film music, TV music and soundtracks we have played, discovered, dug up and championed in the last exciting decade. Marvellous! He also takes time out to give Robin The Fog a slap for not uploading these archive podcasts more regularly. More treats coming soon and more regularly, we promise…

Here’s to the next ten years!

2 thoughts on “OST 04.05.2012 – Ten Year Anniversary Special

  1. Nick Abadzis

    Jonny, I’m a soundtrack nut and I’ve only just discovered the OST show and I love it. Wonderful, informned and very funny – you’ve introduced me to some real gems. Thanks! And here’s to the next ten years.

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