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Peppatits: Episode 5

Jessica Hynes and Julia Davis return for an hour of original comedy improvisation and their personal selection of music. If you want your Peppatits delivered to your iPod, PC or the music-player of your choice please consider subscribing to the Resonance FM podcast channel – you can get this show plus a range of other Resonance productions for free.

Apologies to loyal listeners who struggled to download this audio before – it was posted incorrectly. Blame the site editors.

Peppatits: Episode 4

Another hour of improvised comedy performed live by Julia Davis and Jessica Hynes. This episode was recorded on the 18th March 2008.

Peppatits: Episode 3

Julia Davis and Jessica Hynes return for another (slightly shorter than usual) episode of Peppatits. This episode was recorded on the 4th March 2008.

Peppatits: Episode 2

Julia Davies and Jessica Hynes present an hour of comedy improvisation. This episode was recorded on the 26th February 2008.

Peppatits: Episode 1

Julia Davies and Jessica Hynes return to Resonance FM for another series of comedy improvisation. Episode 1 of this new series was recorded on the 19th February 2008.