Peppatits: Episode 5

Jessica Hynes and Julia Davis return for an hour of original comedy improvisation and their personal selection of music. If you want your Peppatits delivered to your iPod, PC or the music-player of your choice please consider subscribing to the Resonance FM podcast channel – you can get this show plus a range of other Resonance productions for free.

Apologies to loyal listeners who struggled to download this audio before – it was posted incorrectly. Blame the site editors.

8 thoughts on “Peppatits: Episode 5

  1. John

    Hmm… there is no stream or file link here?
    I don’t have an iPod, or iTunes, nor do I want to install a bloated subscription client. Please consider offering traditional file download links for those who just want to grab the odd show now and again.
    Don’t mean to be a whinger, this stuff is ace, I just wish you wouldn’t force people to ‘podcast’ (ugh).

  2. salimfadhley Post author

    John, what can I say other than sorry for screwing up this listing. The audio was not added to the posting so there was nothing to download. Please try again and let me know if you have any issues.


  3. Kaitlin

    Is there a way to listen to this now? It doesn’t show up on itunes or on your list of shows to subscribe to and I can’t find the audio.

  4. chris morgan

    sorry for being late to jump on the bandwagon…but i can’t find the podcasts ANYWHERE! i tried subscribing to it on itunes but can’t even find it!! HELP!!

  5. Administrator

    leighC, which feed are you expecting this file to appear on? It’s a very old show so it’s not likely to be on any of our current feeds. You can simply download the audio to your device and keep it forever – you don’t really need a feed since the series has ended.

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