Panel Borders: Comics and Columns by Andy Luke

Panel Borders: Comics and Columns by Andy Luke
Originally broadcast 03/04/08 as part of Strip! on Resonance 104.4 FM
Alex Fitch talks to small press comics creator Andy Luke about his self published titles that range from auto-biographic 24 hour comics to endearing encounters with pop culture icons. Alex and Andy also talk about the latter’s column for Comics Village and Andy’s involvement with promoting the small press scene at conventions and at the London Underground comics stall in Camden Market.

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Links: Andy’s LiveJournal page
Andy’s column at
Small Press Info blog –
London Underground Comics – distributor of Andy’s titles @ Camden Market on Saturdays
Review and pages from Andy’s comics circa 2004, 2005
Info on Caption, August’s small press festival in Oxford

In comics news:
There’s an exhibition of art by London Underground comics creators at bookartbookshop near Old Street in London, opening 11th April until the 25th…