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Hour of the Apocalypse: David E Williams

Depraved Philadelphian singer-songwriter, David E Willliams, answers the following fascinating questions:

1. Is Robert Crumb an influence on the black humour in your music?
2. Are you a misogynist or fascist?
3. How did you become involved with other neo-folk groups?
4. What are the most important aspects of performing live? Any plans to gig the UK?
5. What inspired you into music?
6. Many have described your music as “witty”. What are your writing and recording methods?
7. How do you feel about people covering your music?
8. Any songs or albums of your releases that you have a personal affinity for?
9. What are your career highs and lows as a musician?
10. How are you received in Philidelphia?
11. Were you approached for the neo-folk “Looking For Europe” compilation?
12. Anything you’d like to add? Speak now or forever hold your peace!