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Low Carbon Show – No-Fly Holidays

What will holidays be like in a low carbon world? Will we feel the need to escape so much if we are living less stressful, more community-focussed, local lives that give us greater well-being? We speak to Laura Burgess, editor of a new directory called Ecoescape which brings together sustainable accomodation, eateries, and environmentally-focused places […]

The Low Carbon Show – How To Be Free

Could doing nothing be an easier and more pleasurable way of saving the planet? We discuss this contention with author and editor of The Idler, Tom Hodgkinson. Making the transition to a low carbon economy necessitates a fresh look at the skills we have and the jobs that we do. What activities are going to […]

Low Carbon Show – Growing Communities

Growing Communities is a pioneering social enterprise based in Hackney, North London that provides sustainable food for local people. It also serves a best-practice model for our future, low-carbon food production. In partnership with farmers on the outskirts of London their organic box scheme supplies 300 households with fruit and veg for as little as […]

The Low Carbon Show – Meat and Dairy

A recent UN report reveals that livestock are responsible for 18% of global emissions – more than the entire transport sector. We visit the largest vegan fayre in the world to find out why eating less meat and dairy is likely to be the single most significant thing you can do to reduce your carbon […]

The Low Carbon Show – Transition Towns Conference

The Transition Towns concept is a grassroots, action model for making the change to a low carbon future. It’s about designing the future and making it positive rather than just waiting for it to happen. All the signs are that it is a project that works and it’s spreading like a virus throughout the UK. […]

The Low Carbon Show – The Climate Change Bill

The UK is writing carbon dioxide targets into law. But the draft Climate Change Bill is insufficiently strong to ensure the UK plays a fair role in avoiding dangerous climate change. We interviewed the then Environment Secretary, David Miliband, and put his responses to Dr Alice Bows (Tyndall Centre) and Martyn Williams (senior parliamentary campaigner, […]

The Low Carbon Show: Mukti Mitchell

The Low Carbon Show catches up with Mukti Mitchell on his zero-carbon journey around the coast of Britain in his self-built, micro-yacht. Mukti is the creator of what is widely regarded as the best online calculator for measuring your carbon footprint. He is stopping at 40 ports en route to give talks about the benefits […]

The Low Carbon Show: Chris Goodall

Chris Goodall is the author of what the New Scientist calls “the definitive guide to reducing your carbon footprint.” Climate Radio takes a trip to Oxford to meet him and find out some of the book’s key messages on aviation, consumption, personal travel and food purchasing habits. Chris’s website: The Low Carbon Show focuses […]

The Low Carbon Show: The Ghost of Climate Future

“The Low Carbon Show” springs into life with an interview with Mark Lynas, author of “High Tide: News from a warming world”, “Collins Carbon Counter” and “Six Degrees: our future on a warming planet”. An informal interview taking in Mark’s review of the scientific literature on the impacts of global warming and how his own […]