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The Low Carbon Show – Meat and Dairy


A recent UN report reveals that livestock are responsible for 18% of global emissions – more than the entire transport sector. We visit the largest vegan fayre in the world to find out why eating less meat and dairy is likely to be the single most significant thing you can do to reduce your carbon footprint. We interview:

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The Low Carbon Show – Transition Towns Conference

Ruskin Mill

The Transition Towns concept is a grassroots, action model for making the
change to a low carbon future. It’s about designing the future and making it
positive rather than just waiting for it to happen. All the signs are that
it is a project that works and it’s spreading like a virus throughout the
UK. This programme features interviews with people involved in transition
towns projects recorded at the Transition Network inaugural conference. It
provides a snapshot of the many and diverse projects now underway.

Our pioneering interviewees include Naresh Giangrande – setting up community
owned, large-scale renewable energy resources and bulk buying of domestic
solar water heating; Nick Weir – pioneering community supported agriculture
projects, communal allotments, food co-ops and a new legal model – the
Community Farm Land Trust; Dr Pamela Gray – asking ‘what will healthcare
look like in a post-oil world?’; Jo Hamilton – connecting all the climate
change resources in Oxfordshire with a view to engaging all sections of the
local community.