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Deep Fried Planet – Water Scarcity

This week on Deep Fried Planet the subject of discussion is water scarcity. Guests are Jacob Tompkins Director of charity Waterwise and Peter Guthrie head of the Centre for Sustainable Development at Cambridge University, who was a co author of the report Global Water Security: an engineering perspective which was published earlier this year.

Deep Fried Planet – Preserving Biodiversity

Hot on the heels of the global biodiversity conference in Nagoya, Japan we will be talking about biodiversity and how to stem the global tide of species loss. My guests are Dr Andrew Mitchell from the Global Canopy Programme whose new publication the Little Biodiversity Finance Book suggests that we need to understand the value […]

Deep Fried Planet Episode Seven

Pat Thomas discusses urban foraging and they changing ways in which we use urban space.

Deep Fried Planet Episode Six

Pat Thomas discusses micro energy.

Pan Fried Planet – Ecocide and the Law

In a micro edition of the ongoing environmental series Deep Fried Planet, Patricia Thomas, Polly Higgins and James Thornton discuss the need to recgonise Ecocide as a crime against humanity, environmental law and how to persevere in the midst of compassion fatigue.

Deep Fried Planet: Episode Five

Climate change activists Graham Thompson and Joss Garman discuss environmental current affairs with guests from politics, civil society and the media. This week they will be talking to award winning journalist Johann Hari about whether US green groups went bad and Diane Abbot about whether the environment is an issue in the Labour leadership contest.

Deep Fried Planet Episode Four

Climate change activists Joss Garman and Ben Stewart discuss environmental current affairs with guests from politics, civil society and the media. This week they speak to Will Straw of Left Foot Forward and David Babbs of 38 degrees to discuss how blogging and online campaigns could transform the way the environmental community and the broader […]

Deep Fried Planet: Episode Three

In the third episode of Deep Fried Planet, Joss Garman discusses subsidies to big oil and big coal, and cuts to clean energy budgets. Joining him this week are Sarah Jayne-Clifton from Friends of the Earth and Colin Hines from the Green New Deal group.

Deep Fried Planet: Episode Two

This week Joss Garman and guest presenter Graham Thompson discuss recent direct actions in Aberdeen and London. Joss speaks to Dan Glass and Tilly Gifford of the Climate 9, a group of activists currently on trial in Scotland for an action taken at Aberdeen airport. The group closed down the taxi way in order to […]

Deep Fried Planet: Episode One

Today Deep Fried Planet premieres on Resonance FM. Presented by long time environmental activists Ben Stewart and Joss Garman, this is the first in a weekly series of discussions about current environmental affairs. Stewart and Garman discuss the BP oil spill – “America’s worst environmental disaster in history”. They talk to Joe Romm and Duncan […]