OST 01.06.2014 – Robin The Fog’s Denman Horn Special

Soundtracks, library and television music, usually brought to you by Mr. Jonny Trunk. This week’s show (and the first podcast in ages, for which we are truly and humbly sorry) comes to you from the Science Museum in London’s South Kensington, and was broadcast both live on Resonance FM and down a 27 foot-long loudspeaker from 1929. Lovingly restored by Aleksander Kolkowski and his team from the original design by Roderick Denman, today’s hour-long special features a carefully curated horn-friendly playlist designed to show the biggest loudspeaker in Britain in it’s most flattering light- and is therefore choc-full of field recordings, radiophonic curiosities, and – of course – foghorns. Full track-listing and some nice photos to accompany your listening experience here. I suppose I could have included them on this posting, but frankly I could do with the extra web traffic.

Strap on your ear-goggles and let’s roll! Best wishes,

Robin The Fog

One thought on “OST 01.06.2014 – Robin The Fog’s Denman Horn Special

  1. Dave

    Superb episode, thanks a lot for making it available.

    If we now could only get the Peter Howell episode from a few months back, then we’d have world peace… Please?

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