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OST 20.10.2012 – BBC Records Special

Soundtracks, library and television music plus other assorted ephemera brought to you this week by Robin The Fog. Having just released ‘The Ghosts Of Bush’, a well-received LP of his recordings of the former World Service building Bush House and earning himself the title of ‘The BBC’s Resident Hauntologist’, it seemed only good and right […]

OST 30.06.2012 – DJ Format

Soundtracks, library music and a generous helping of phat [sic] beatz [sic] with Jonny Trunk. This week homegrown Hip Hop artist and extraordinary record collector DJ Format (Aka Matt) joins Jonny in the broomcupboard to. Prepare yourself for two hours of quite brilliant film and library music from his enviable collection… Word is bond:

OST 24.03.2012 – ITC, The Saint and Cars Special with Andrews Roberts

Jonny Trunk is joined by Andrews “Aspergers” Roberts, one of the great factual dustbins in the UK. Andrews is incredible, and knows dangerous amounts about vintage TV and film. Here he chooses to hang out and talk about ITC, The Saint and cars a lot. An awful lot. Completely brilliant, but you may find your […]

OST 14.04.2012 – Fenella Fielding, Darling…

Soundtrack, library, television and other raunchy swaggering with Jonny Trunk This week’s podcast (and the first for ages, sorry about that) is from April 2012 when the gorgeous Carry On thespian legend Fenella Fielding brought her rich, velvety tones to the studio and Jonny almost to his knees with excitement. After some initial trouble mic-ing […]

OST 06.11.2004 – DJ Food Sesame Street Special

Soundtracks, library and television music with Jonny Trunk. Something of a curveball for you this week, as rather than bring you the recent DJ Food episode (don’t worry, it’s coming!), the man otherwise known as Mr. Strictly Kev has been kind enough to send us a copy of his original OST appearance way back in […]

OST 07.04.21012 – David Cain Radiophonics Special

Soundtracks, library music and other agreeable delights with Jonny Trunk. This week – David Cain! WOW! In the mid 1960s the BBC Radiophonic Workshop was home to three important figures: Delia Derbyshire, John Baker and today’s very special guest. Coming all the way from Poland on his way to a Maths conference, David pops in […]

OST 04.02.2012 – Fiona Staniland’s Morricone In Love

Soundtracks, library music and other dirty smut with Jonny Trunk. Today he’s joined by Fiona Staniland, Morricone fan and now artist interpreting the wordless work of the maestro. Over the last year Fiona has been developing a show simply called “Morricone In Love” where, backed by her quintet (and the original films), performs the stunning […]

OST 13.03.2010 – Bill Brewster’s DJ History Special

Soundtracks, library and televisual soundtrack-type shenanigans with Jonny Trunk. Today’s archive podcast is yet another show from 2010, when your host was joined by author, DJ, and crate-digging authority Bill Brewster. Co-founder of the highly influential ‘DJ History’ website, which started as a simple DJ and music forum and then mutated and grown into a […]

OST 09.01.2010 – Andy Weatherall

Film soundtracks, library and television music with Jonny Trunk. Due to popular demand here it is, our Andy Weatherall special from 2010. ‘What a guy, what records!’ said Jonny, who is rarely impressed by anything, which just goes to show what a momentous occasion it was when the producer, musician, DJ and all-round genius paid […]

OST 06.03.2010 – Moon Wiring Club

Film soundtracks, library and television music with Jonny Trunk. Kicking off this latest blast of missives from the OST archive we’re delighted to unveil this very special edition from 2010 featuring Moon Wiring Club! The man described by The Advisory Circle as ‘the inevitable Mr Ian Hodgson’ joins us in the studio to play some […]