OST 20.10.2012 – BBC Records Special

Soundtracks, library and television music plus other assorted ephemera brought to you this week by Robin The Fog. Having just released ‘The Ghosts Of Bush’, a well-received LP of his recordings of the former World Service building Bush House and earning himself the title of ‘The BBC’s Resident Hauntologist’, it seemed only good and right to invite Mr. Fog to present a special edition of the programme looking at the BBC’s own in-house label and some of the weird and wonderful records they’ve put out over the years. Expect music for home movies, movement and mime, sound effects and even a few sailors, as well as a couple of extracts from the LP that some claim ‘may be the last piece of true radiophonics’. You’ll also discover the meaning of the phrase ‘taking down with birds’ and improve your German. Kinky…

For further information, the complete tracklist and a further listen to ‘The Ghosts Of Bush’ visit http://robinthefog.com

2 thoughts on “OST 20.10.2012 – BBC Records Special

  1. georgieboy


    Loving the show! Any chance of a tracklist for this particular episode though please?



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