Frequenzen – contemporary electronic music & frequency composition


This FREQUENZEN podcast assembles like minded projects, musicians and affiliated artists. It includes freely available sounds out of the digital domain. It features sounds from the acetone online magazin, listeners submissions and introduces the listener to the broadest spectrum of the new Frequenzen.

FREQUENZEN is ResonanceFM’s front window for electronic music, frequencies & digital entertainment. Reaching from post-millenial micro sound to analogue drones. Branching into Lush compositions, warm electronica and non-conventional instrumentation for a soothing radio experience.
presented by Alexander Wendt & John Chantler, Mon 10.30 pm & Thu 8.00 am

Scanner – Europa 25 (europa 25 / bette / british council) ,
Lump – Kohina (txtn015 / 3 feet down and sinking e.p. / südelectronic) ,
F.S. Blumm – Langen (Zweite Meer /,
Chris Cole – Some Shield (Short Version /,
Maher Shalal Hash Baz – His Banner Over Me Was Love (Blues Du Jour/,
Room237 – Room 1 pt1 (demo / multivitamins-records),
Nanomilk – aircrash.mp3 (demo /,
Ekkohaus – multivitamins.mp3 (demo / multivitamins-records),
Room237 – Room 1 pt2 (demo / multivitamins-records),
Pablo Dali – Pastels (extract / California Grey),
John Wynne – 7Upcountry_clip (,
Richard Thomas – Pienso Que (Osmosis / LoRecordings ),
Richard Chartier & William Basinski – w+r2.mp3 (untitled / spekk /virtual)
Sadja Doron – landscapes (term.08 / 12K)
Elektronengehirn – sta (maschinensprache)
Brose and Butter – Free Toast (roxio)
J̦rg Piringer Рwend.mp3 (
Alexander Wendt & Matt R̦sner РFTP4 (unreleased)
Shuttle358 – logical (cessa / 12K)
Jan Jelinek & Triosk – on the lake (triosk meets jan jelinek / scape)
Maher Shalal Hash Baz – edit (waiting for the picture bus – december mix)

6 thoughts on “Frequenzen – contemporary electronic music & frequency composition

  1. Alexander

    thanks for the charming feedback

    Initially intended to be a pedestal for digital sound arts, Frequenzen has come a long way — 3 years of evolution have been a long time, and it really was about time to take a break, reflect and examine. And one does not need to be sad about the closure of the series. Frequenzen has produced a fair amount of output. A CD compilation, PodCasts and special session dowloads of which you may find some still online.
    Time moves on and musical styles evolve … with John Chantler joining Alexander Wendt as a presenter in 2005, Microsound blips, computer glitches and sine waves rubbed sonic shoulders with cracked electro-acoustics and free spirits… adventurous exploration in search for a concept — that needed to be recognized and defined. Now the break is over and FREQUENZEN will be broadcast again from 3rd April 2006.

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