Red Zero Radio: Hue Jah Fink?

Hue Jah Fink? , master of the splatter break and regular DJ on the squat scene and also with the London’s legendary Unsound System present exclusive new material.

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7 thoughts on “Red Zero Radio: Hue Jah Fink?

  1. crowneRealty

    any way to see a playlist of the “Hue Jah Fink?” episode?????
    specifically the last track.

    thanks,just discovered you, it’s really good.



  2. Hue Jah Fink?

    Hi ‘crowneRealty’

    It’s great that you like my work. I enjoyed making it too.
    I cant remember the names of all the tracks off the top of my head (I’m sat at work right now) but you can contact me at my email address

    and I may or may not be able to arrange some music for you. Hope to have a website online soon offering free downloads and some albums to buy etc. But for now contact me by email. Its really encouraging to hear from people – especially those who think my stuff is ‘really good’


    hue jah fink?

  3. Peter

    Quite fun. Nothing very edgey or inspired. A bit disapointing considering your position in London’s underground dance scene. The first track has a Bass line which I’d rate about 5/10, with the extra strings and sounds hugging it far too closely (not in the mix, but in the harmonics and rhythmic patterns), so the piece lacks character and I lost interest as a result. The second piece- beat big + amen = something that people have heard a thousand times before. Some interesting sounds in the background -some nice spookey climactic pad sounds- but not very loud in the mix. Third track- uninspired garage with some cute effected vocal stuff. All the tracks here seem to be quite cute in one way or another, which is the best thing about the set i feel. Fourth track is drum and bass. The African vocals detract from the relaxing jazzy chords. The synth that comes after that bit just isnt enough. The bass line then copies it, and its still not interesting enough. Some wecome African percussion though. Fifth track is damn boring. Sixth and last track is still boring apart from some silly filtered percussive sounds. Overall, Your drums sound the same (average) in each track and so does your bass (average). I do like the cleanness of the music and it’s all quite crisply mixed, but apart from being ‘cute’ I feel the music lacks character.

  4. Hue Jah Fink?

    Thanks for your feedback, everyone.

    There will be a new mix coming shortly.

    Thank you for your critisisms, Peter. I do agree with you on a few of the points you make.
    However, I am notoriously selfish, and don’t like to just give all my best stuff away for nothing. Otherwise, there would be nothing fresh and exciting for me to play at gigs!
    I honestly appreciate good and bad comments, especially if there is a constructive element within. So please, keep your comments coming, folks! I will be posting up some more tunes soon.

    By the way, is that the same Peter “I make the best breakbeat in the whole world.” that we used to see at parties? If it is, then HI!
    The girls used to tease me and say that you were my groupie, but we havent seen you around for a while – did you get upset when I discovered the WAV you gave me wasnt corrupted by data error and was supposed to sound that way?
    Anyway, we rated your hairstyle as below average (ooh, I’d say about 3/10) with your personality hugging it far too closely (not in volume, but in terms of mediocrity), so I’m afraid you lack any desirable character and we have lost interest as a result.

  5. AnonySpace

    Get back in your box Andre.

    Who is this Hue Jah Fink? guy? He’s quite obviously a genius.

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