Red Zero Radio: The Whispering Minority

Taking a more restrained spin this month redZEROradio explores the dark, shrouded & reverberant textures of the Whispering Minority. This mix has input from some crafty underground figures on the London beatz scene.

Track listing
Where do I come from? – The Whispering Minority
Document 3.3 – Performing Wrongs Society
Statefunded digital experiments – Binary Feedback
_4d(outside mix) – The Whispering Minority
It’s not goodbye – The Whispering Minority
dFixt – dFx
The RNA Experiment – Binary Feedback

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One thought on “Red Zero Radio: The Whispering Minority

  1. Magali Dj At_War

    Dear Tom…
    I have now access to the net in my room…
    Miracle I can listen to your radio show when working on my lesson…
    sound good

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