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Marlene Dietrich – Beyond Top Hat and Tails

With the LGBT History Month in full swing and the Southbank Centre celebrating Weimar Berlin on the weekend of 1st March, here is another chance to listen to the programme about Marlene Dietrich that was originally broadcast on 25th December 2012. It will be available until for seven days.

Marlene Dietrich dazzled audiences – whether in a glittering dresses or in elegant tails. She crossed gender like no other star and became a gay icon. What was her appeal to a gay audience? Her glamour? Her strength? Her liberty? What could be read between the lines?

Author Clayton Littlewood talks to art historian Simon Watney and Terry Sanderson, organiser of a Marlene Dietrich Tribute, as key contributors. Together they take at closer look at this unusual woman, who was very much ahead of her time and often described as the ‘last goddess’. A feature by Sabine Schereck.

We would like to thank the Marlene Dietrich Collection Berlin at the Stiftung Deutsche Kinemathek for their support and Alan Brodie Representation Ltd for their kind permission to use an extract from a letter by Noel Coward to Marlene Dietrich published in THE LETTERS OF NOËL COWARD copyright © NC Aventales AG and Barry Day 2007;

We would also like to thank the University of Minnesota Press for their kind permission to use an extract from Steven Bach’s book “Marlene Dietrich – Life and Legend”.

Due to rights reasons this programme is not available anymore as a podcast.

Talking Africa

Hosted by Sonny Decker. Talking Africa, is an African Development show brought to you by Bellsman Media Limited and the Africa Centre. The show discusses development issues about Africa, and the many aspects of African culture including music, art, literature, and food.

Talking Africa is broadcast every Thursday at 13:00 GMT on resonance104.4FM

To contact the show email

The Graham Penthouse Show

“It’s just political correctness, gone mad!” Mono Loco presents The Graham Penthouse Show, a surreal political comedy show featuring Wendi Mcarthur, Ricky Lorrio and Wendy Solomon.
With guests Rayyah Maccaul, and Sebastian Shallcross.

Written by Ricky Lorrio and produced by Matthew Manns.

The Gilded Vectors of Disease

The series is now available to listen on-line. Tune in at 7:30pm on World Malaria Day (April 25th) for a live edition of the programme.

From the 1929 central London landmark building, the School’s current home, intrepid pioneers of public health research and disease control continue the School’s historic tradition as a global institution whose work has helped to change and save lives on a far-reaching scale. It is active in almost every country in Africa and its work has spanned all continents.

A golden MOSQUITO adorns the front of the School, wih seven other gilded vectors of disease. These have slithered, scurried, flown and bitten into the lives of humans down the ages and into our modern life, often viewed with horror or disgust, even with surprising love. Each 30-minute programme takes one of these potent symbols of pestilence as its theme to explore how the RAT, the LOUSE, the SNAKE, the FLEA and more, have plagued us through history and how science is winning the war today.

Series Producer & Presenter REBECCA TREMAIN
Series Co-producer & Editor ROB FALCONER
Script Consultant GARY MERRY

Clear Spot – February 16th 2012 ‘Anna Raimondo as a radio creature’

‘Anna Raimondo as a radio creature’: An immersion in Hertzian waves trough the ears of this Italian girl who now is learning how to speak English… From Naples to Madrid, passing fthrough Marseille and crossing the no-where, a sort of surrealistic radio cartography to discover…the curator: Stefano Pernathe radio artist, sometimes just artist: Anna Raimondo the correct voice in American English: Andrea Zarza sound engineer: Nathan Fustec
With thanks to Kunst Radio for the extracts  “La vie en bleu”, “it’s all so dark!” and “False Friends” (Anna Raimondo, 2011).



Bermuda Triangle Test Transmissions – October 22nd 2009

“Which is the Bermuda Triangle Test Transmission’s investigation of Interiority.” Sending out from the inside. Immersed in concentration. Slow and deliberating. Time re-establishes in the present moment again and again. Are we moving at all or are we static? It has perceivably slowed into contemplation concentration time. Readings on Gilles Deleuze/Interiority proceed. Sound re-animates the insistence of time. Hefty theoretical readings skip and flutter along followed by zen garden trio sound meditations. Acoustic and electronic interiorities then, while hypnotized In deep theoretical ‘right in there’ interiority payoff, a song is spontaneously cancelled. Rolling loud sound sounding like an abandoned sailing ship lurching on the waves is calmed by a melodic chord trance repeat pattern. Sonic gardening and more from our Interiority correspondent. Time is almost flowing normally again. Humorous animal type noises and real laughter! creaky, thumpy, clumpi, fini.

Steve Parry’s Totally Biased – Post Election Special

Totally Biased is in post election meltdown. This show was first broadcast live at the very moment that David Cameron was visiting old Pound Face at the palace to pick up the keys to Number Ten. Steve is joined by David Tuck to discuss the big lesson of Election 2010 – Never ever trust a Lib Dem ever ever again. There is also music from Richard Thompson and Martyn Joseph. Plus the usual fraught attempts to speak to our Minister for Social Insecurity, Ed Crasnick in LA.

Bermuda Triangle Test Transmissions – October 15th 2009

Second outing utilizing recordings and live playing of the used frame sussed bicycle; this time with MC replacing FL for upside down bicycle duet with HJ. AMcG on sound mix, treatments and recorded sound playback. Takes off with speed;;;>>> mock crash, spokes chimes meditation into zen sound gardening. Talking bicycle dream stream. Rotary rhythmic and primitive gamelan tonal percussive.Quiet, gentle, exploratory.

Jam Tomorrow – May 4th 2010

Paul Richards and Katharine Hibbert discuss the final week of politics before the general election. Today they talk to Joss Garman from Greenpeace and Andrew Robinson from the Pirate Party UK who is the Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Worcester.