Hollingsville: Episode 9, Wounds – Blood on the Street

Appearing on episode nine of ‘Hollingsville’ are cultural pathologist supreme Ross MacFarlane of the Wellcome Library and the celebrated crime novelist Cathi Unsworth. Join Ken Hollings and his guests for gimlet-eyed observations and flinty asides. Musical interludes come courtesy of the masterful UnicaZürn, with background moods by Graham Massey.

The wound represents an entry into the body which is made by something that can never be a part of that body. It will always be foreign to our flesh, and as such it constitutes a technological assault upon the body. Its effects are extraordinary: from the ecstasies of saints revealed as stigmata to the forensic scrutiny of modern crime scenes, the wound communicates more than just another opening of the human body.

After visiting Mars, where next? Welcome to Hollingsville: the new twelve-part series from writer Ken Hollings. A World’s Fair of the airwaves, the shows focuses each week on a different aspect of our historical relationship with technology. From machines to monsters, spaces to dreams, this Radio Expo offers an unscripted tour through the chosen theme, utilising voices and sounds from special guests and presented by Ken Hollings with his usual idiosyncratic flair.

Ken Hollings is the author of Welcome To Mars: Fantasies of Science in the American Century 1947-1959, available from Strange Attractor Press. For more information go to http://www.strangeattractor.co.uk or http://www.kenhollings.blogspot.com

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