Wavlength – Bill English, drummer, and associates

This week sees more dissociative identity disorder. Whilst searching for Bill English jazz drummer, I discovered yet another Bill English or in this case Billy English, also a drummer, who played with Willie Nelson on Across the Borderline. To further confuse matters, Billy turns out to be the same Bill English and is accompanied on this record by another percussionist by the name of Paul English (no relation to me or Bill) on two tracks. Willie Nelson was christened Willie not William but the thrash band known as William English made a track called Nelson’s County so we can include that in today’s repertoire. Full tracklist (not in strict order): Fly me to the Moon, Rollin’, and Seventh Avenue Bill, all by Bill English, first released in 1963 on the Vanguard label. If I were the man you wanted, and Farther down the line, both from Across the Borderline by Willie Nelson. Nelson’s County, and Random Obscenities by William English (thrash band). Ah! Sweet Mystery of Life by William Davis on the organ of the Granada Cinema, Tooting. Nous les Vivants, by Winter Family. Invisible Whispers, by Cosey Fanni Tutti and Philippe Petit. Eyes, by Paul Rosales. Vanity Kills, by Mark Stewart on a new CD called The Politics of Envy (this particular track includes filmmaker Kenneth Anger on Theramin) and finally Motherless Child, by Jonathan Kane from the CD; February.

30th March 2012