Rhythm Incursions: David Last in session

Ahh, now here is a fantastic musical treat for you all. On August 4th this year, David Last of The Agriculture stopped by the Resonance studio to perform a live set. As this set went out as a Clear Spot (a 90 min. nightly slot on the station where artists basically take over, and do what they want), some of our usual Rhythm Inc fans missed it. So, we are delighted that the good folks over at The Agriculture have given us the go-ahead to podcast the session for those of you that missed it.

For those of you who haven’t yet heard of David Last, you’re in for a real treat. Its quite rare these days that you can truly claim that someone has a sound of their own, but in David’s case that sentiment most certainly applies. Fusing dancehall-style rhythms with almost a minimal house kinda vibe, he weaves together a sonic collage that draws you in and hypnotises you from the get-go. Don’t be mistaken: this is post-club music at its finest – the kind of thing you put on when its 3am, you’re tired as hell and wanting to wind down after a night out on the tiles.

So, sit back, relax and enjoy a real treasure we think too many people missed. For more information on David Last, check both www.theagriculture.com and www.davidlast.net. Be sure to buy his album “The Push Pull” too, from which some of this live set is drawn. Trust us, its an essential listen.

But for now, just enjoy the music, for this is what its allllll about!

Click here to download the show!

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