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Marvin Suicide : 203 – No subject


1. Ether II by Faune, Ether:

2. Statique & Gloackenspiels by Darcin, Parc:

3. Bt by Johan Wieslander, Gas:

4. Polyspheric (Extract) by Gyges, Composite Massive:

5. Ici La Femme (XXX Mix) Louise Vertigo by The Lounge King, Wakka Chikka Wakka Chikka – Porn Music For The Masses Vol.1:

6. Denn Da Steht’s by moNomeNtal, Ziel & Zweck (entgultige Version):

7. Honteux by Run, Recycle:

8. Plot For A Little by Camu Tao, Definitive Swim:

9. Carlos Walter Wendy Stanley, The Chap, Ghostly Swim:

Marvin Suicide : 202 – Don’t hate the player, hate the game.

This episode contains strong language that some people may find offensive.

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Marvin Suicide : 201 – Re-record don’t fade away

This episode contains strong language that some people may find offensive.

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Marvin Suicide : 200 – Machtdose

How do.

This is episode number 200. Woo hoo.

To mark this special occasion Machtdose has very kindly supplied the soundtrack. I highly recommend taking a listen to the Machtdose podcast.

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Marvin Suicide : 199 – Chicken in a basket


This episode is brought to you by Abe Pazos, aka Pick Up Spore, aka The Man With A Plan, aka Flan And Bran, aka Graham Atchew.

Actually I made the last three up, but the first two are real, honest.

Headphones are highly recommended as is a quiet and relaxing environment for maximum enjoyment of the episode.

Thanks to Abe for submitting this piece to the show :-)

1. Recording for Pitch Festival, Pick Up Spore:

Marvin Suicide : 198 – 5th Year Anniversary

This episode celebrates 5 years of marvin suicide.

There is some bad language and an irritating presenter, so please don’t listen if you are offended by either of those things.

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Marvin Suicide : 197 – I forgot to say I love you

Wooooooohooooooooo. YEAH. I’m really psyched about this episode, you know, HYPED up and ready to roll. YEEEEEEEEEEEAH. Bring it. BRING IT.

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Marvin Suicide : 196 – Hub caps for favours

The second recording of this episode is presented to you after the first recording was deemed rubber-dub, three men in a tub.

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Marvin Suicide : 195 – All whistle posse.



This episode returns to the roots of marvin suicide – exclusive fresh cuts, cutting edge sounds, future musics and many songs that only a select few will ever be able to get their trendy little hands on.

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Marvin Suicide : 194 – I like the neon. It’s calming.

Better late than never, as that there saying goes.

This episode celebrates another Catgut album. Hooray for Catgut.

The album is called Loop Nostalgia and can be downloaded from

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