Marvin Suicide : 198 – 5th Year Anniversary

This episode celebrates 5 years of marvin suicide.

There is some bad language and an irritating presenter, so please don’t listen if you are offended by either of those things.

Here is the tracklist:

1. Sometimes by Datassette:

2. Oracle (Original) by Ambient Field, Old Waves EP:

3. Soebatsfontein-1870 by Alex Van Heerden, In The Name Of Bushtech:

4. Nuclear War by Acid_Lab:

5. As Is The Sun by Jason The Swamp, As Is The Sun:

6. Flote by Ismael Pinkler, Mi Sonido EP:

7. Lumien by Jari Pitkanen, Lumien:

8. Paintbox by Datashat vs Pink Floyd:

9. Smog by Catgut, Brought To You By The Letter Z:

10. The Sadistic Lover’s Lament by Hungry Owl, Toothaches And Heartaches:

11. Chip on Fire (Sweded version by Retrogott & Gringo Starr & Mariama & MeMyselfAndI) by Disrupt, iD.Allstars – Re-iD 2 Compilation:

12. Georgia Sings Yes by Georgia & August Greenberg, Sing Songs For You And Me!:

13. Do It And Do It by Poolord, The Simple Things & The Death Eggs Are Coming:

14. Death In Her Eyes Lady by Poolord, The Simple Things & The Death Eggs Are Coming:

15. Pneumatic by Electoy, Brummbar EP:

16. Memory Fifty Eight by The Caretaker, Theoretically Pure Anterograde Amnesia:

17. Jeans – Thailand, Phonography 4:

18. Sayonara by Queen Of Japan, Kings, Queens, Knees and Thighs:

19. Give It Up (Vocal) by Tiki Rodrae, Give It Up EP:

20. Disco Crush by Tiki Rodrae, Give It Up EP: