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Marvin Suicide : 192 – Portable

Hello. This is the last weekly edition of marvin suicide, and it is also the last aired edition on Resonance FM.

Thanks to everyone for everything.

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Marvin Suicide : 191 – Words fail me. Again.


This is the penultimate weekly edition of marvin suicide.

Please tune in next week for the last aired episode of the programme AND the last weekly episode.


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Marvin Suicide : 188 – Road Runner

Was ‘Road Runner’ a type of dance in the 1960’s? I’m fairly sure it was but please correct me if I’m wrong.

More internet music compiled into the 30 minute programme called marvin suicide.

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Marvin Suicide : 187 – Listening to the internet.

After listening back to this episode I’d feel bad with myself if I recommended you do the same.

Not one of the best marvin suicide shows, but then again not one of the worst either.

This episode was originally broadcast on 24th March 2009. Please visit for previous shows and more information. Plus I would love it (and I really do mean that) if you were to send an e-mail to: marvin’AT’ (please replace ‘AT’ with @).

Marvin Suicide : 186 – My feet are like stabilisers.

Thinking about it, my feet are stabilisers so the above title is both stating the obvious and technically incorrect.

The previous episode of marvin suicide had quite a bit of time spent in putting it together but didn’t seem to work very well, whereas this episode had no time lavished on it and I think has turned out rather splendid.

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Marvin Suicide : 185 – Mud, mud, glorious mud.

“I can’t believe it’s not mud!”

“Mud is the life for me!”

“All I want for Christmas are my two front muds!”

“Mud. What is it good for, absolutely nothing!”

“I’ve got a lovely bunch of mud-nuts!”

All these fantastic songs and more are available on the marvin suicide triple CD bonus collectors edition tribute pack. Yours for only £29.99.

Remember, this amazing triple CD bonus collectors edition tribute pack is not available in the shops.

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Marvin Suicide : 184 – Do something with your life.

Welcome to another happy clappy episode of marvin suicide.

Fun and frolics are the flavour of the day, and the musical internet websites commission is adundant with both of them.

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Marvin Suicide : 183 – Chicken and Bees

It’s becoming apparent that my once furtive imagination is steadily deteriorating. I’m quite sure that in a few months time the most abstract and irrelevant thought my brain will produce is likely to be a slight variation on an actual event or factual information.

Wish me luck.

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