Marvin Suicide : 184 – Do something with your life.

Welcome to another happy clappy episode of marvin suicide.

Fun and frolics are the flavour of the day, and the musical internet websites commission is adundant with both of them.

Here is the tracklist:

1. The Romantic Ending, Catgut, Faking The Thousand Mile Stare:

2. Now That You’ve Gone, Delta 5, Singles And Sessions 1979-81:

3. Trench, Binray, Cederoth Bloodstopper:

4. Kommas, I.R. Tiger:

5. Streets (Edit), The Drift:

6. The Genocide Ball, The Robot Ate Me:

7. Untitled, Greg Palast, Weapon Of Mass Destruction Live:

8. wien.soundcheck.dub, Tigrics:

This episode was originally broadcast on 3rd March 2009. Please visit for previous shows and more information. Plus I would love it (and I really do mean that) if you were to send an e-mail to: marvin’AT’ (please replace ‘AT’ with @).