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Marvin Suicide : 182 – Geodesic Shapes

When most are asleep, at peace with their thoughts, marvin suicide is creeping about the internet collecting trinkets for his sideboard.  Most of these keepsakes are put on display for his occasional visitors, whilst some are stored in boxes for a rainy day. Very occasionally marvin suicide will find a dark and nightmarish track heading towards places unknown, even by Level 10 Webmasters. It’s down these winding tracks he feeds. No-one can see him. He is safe.

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Marvin Suicide : 181 – Longing for Londis

I’m sorry but marvin suicide isn’t available at the moment. If you’d like to leave your name and number he will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank-you.

A large and hearty thanks to “Martin” for covering whilst “Marvin” is on “leave”.

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Marvin Suicide : 180 – 4th Year Anniversary

This is the episode that marks the 4th year of marvin suicide ‘s existence in the form of this music programme.

These anniversary episodes tend to be quite self indulgent and quite possibly rather dull for everyone except it’s creators. But fingers crossed you do like the music. Forget the rambling and listen to tunes, man. It’s all about the groovy tunes.

Plus a special thank-you to Resonance for being lovely.

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Marvin Suicide : 179 – Nil Difficile Volenti

Pointless eye-catching marvin suicide text.

Mix-eematosis special, lovingly prepared by DVNT of Mantis Radio. More info thusly:

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Hooting Yard : Henchmen Are From Mars, Damsels Are From A Girly Planet

Prince Fulgencio had a heart of stone and his palace was a palace exceeding glum. No, no, it was not a palace, it was a castle, turreted and towered, with many flags and banners flying, every one of them showing blasphemous heraldic devices.

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Marvin Suicide : 178 – The Mysterious Fig

Experience marvin suicide in glorious technicolor.

If you were enticed by the title I’m sorry to admit it was simply a purile marketing ploy to attract your attention, and this episode contains nothing relating to figs – just the usual selection of pop classics you’ve come to know and love.

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Marvin Suicide : 177 – I love glace cherries.

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, it’s marvin suicide.

Nothing has been happening for a long time and I’m completely dry of comment. Yet again.

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Marvin Suicide : 176 – Pony Trekking

Welcome to the wonderful world of marvin suicide. It’s fantastic, come on in the water’s warm and it’s lovely this time of year.

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Marvin Suicide : 175 – I love soccer.

Some people dig crates of vinyl for their musical requirements, I like to dig the internet.

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Marvin Suicide : 174 – Kleenex and Grease

Earlier today I approached the checkout in a supermarket and was given a nice friendly smile from the person about to check my items out.

However, I noticed the smile turn into a smirk and it dawned on me this was probably due to my purchases (it was most definitely not at any profanity scribbled upon my forehead as has been the case previously – I now check thoroughly before venturing outside to prevent this occurring again). I had 3 items – although 2 were sold as a double pack as you are about to find out – one was a twin pack of balsam infused Kleenex tissues and the other was a CD of the original soundtrack to the musical Grease.

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