Marvin Suicide : 174 – Kleenex and Grease

Earlier today I approached the checkout in a supermarket and was given a nice friendly smile from the person about to check my items out.

However, I noticed the smile turn into a smirk and it dawned on me this was probably due to my purchases (it was most definitely not at any profanity scribbled upon my forehead as has been the case previously – I now check thoroughly before venturing outside to prevent this occurring again). I had 3 items – although 2 were sold as a double pack as you are about to find out – one was a twin pack of balsam infused Kleenex tissues and the other was a CD of the original soundtrack to the musical Grease.

Given the overtly repressed nature of the culture in which I live, I came to the conclusion the checkout person was imagining my evening was to be spent fulfilling what must be the most specialist of sexual fantasies.

I could have pointed out the true reasoning for this evenings buying habits, but it would only have spoiled the moment and I was rather pleased to be on the receiving end of a smile/smirk – something that appears to be happening with less and less frequency.

Here is the tracklisting for this weeks episode:

1. Not For Shoes YHOP, Deework, Not For Shoes!:

2. Gypsy, Demir vs. Mabik, Funkverkehr:

3. Spektrum, Bluebridge Quartet, Adjusted For Low Noise EP:

4. I Think She Knows That I Put A Spell On Her, DJ Earlybird, The Bride Of Monster Mashup:

5. Lophophora Williamsii, Eldad Tsabary, Wakka Chikka Wakka Chicka – Porn Music For The Masses Vol.1:

6. sdss, Dalglish, OtJohr:

7. Day After, Beitegeuze, Mein Liebchen:

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