Rhythm Incursions: DJ Olive Live In Session

Out fifth podcast in the mighty Rhythm Incursions podcast series is another live mix session, this time from New York’s DJ Olive. In September last year, Olive was over to play The Barbican in London with Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth. While he was in town we hooked up, and at super short notice (about 90 minutes!) he grabbed his laptop and materials and headed to the Resonance FM studio to hijack the airwaves and drop a live set. The result was astonishing; a mad tour of the music Olive loves so much, be that downtempo mellow grooves to latin-inflected rhythms. The result is every bit as amazing as the David Last set we podcast for show #2. Trust us, this one is a keeper!

Olive’s brand new mix “Heaps As – Live in Tasmania” is out now on The Agriculture.

5 thoughts on “Rhythm Incursions: DJ Olive Live In Session

  1. neil sonar

    Currently developing 20,000 sq foot venue in Montreal Quebec Canada
    I remember Greg from the Mustard Factory and the WAREhouse that
    Geoff Gomperts owned over in Williamsburgh. Looking to do some showcases as I am developing cultural Institution in Quebec. Feel free to reply if you have artists in Montreal and you are looking for a venue.

  2. Neil Sonar

    DJ OLIVE is a truly emergent force of the NU RUDE boy electronic latin dub breaks. 9 out of 10 Krylon cans for this tour de force by the AUDIO JANITOR. Rich molasassy bass tones extend beyond the realms of human emotion blended with latin rythyms and Atlantic avenue dacehall filtered through a Kent avenue Sunrise.
    Osama BINBASSBIN says The bass is so thick and rich it vibrates my secret cave. C.I.A predator drones mingle with Middle Eastern spices
    and Jerk Chicken aromas in this feast of the Digital Bodega culture.

  3. Sirgei Osnioffka

    Dj Olive is quite interesting Ive heard about a record they did with colored grooves. Also have some audio of the audio janitor from a pier near kent avenue with a sinking ship. Glad to see that he is still around as the ship
    was towed away by the coast guard. DJ OLIVE wins a lifetime VIP pass to
    HOLODEK 303.
    It was a great show as DJs and performers interacted in Williamsburghs only recreation of the POSEIDEN ADVENTURE.
    If only someone would remix (Me and my Beatbox) from the LIQUID SKY
    movie as an electro track.

  4. ShaggyDog

    I used to be rather sceptical about him, but then my scepticism just melted away. Did a good job. There’s cool latino-club-alternative etc music on ‘http://dance-mp3.info/, I recommend!

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