Podcast and playlist: Hello GoodBye – 13.09.14 – Ft: Alpha Maid + Tiny Leaves

Alpha Maid
Tiny Leaves
Alpha Maid and Tiny Leaves perform live in session on Hello GoodBye on Resonance FM.

Trash Kit – Skin
Skinny Girl Diet – Burnout
Alpha Maid – Bullshitter (LIVE SESSION)
Alpha Maid – A Man (LIVE SESSION)
Alpha Maid – Body Chores (LIVE SESSION)
Council Tax Band – Jobcentre
Alpha Maid – Interview
Unit – A Summer Shout Slides Across The Sky
Aeolipile – Paused Pregnancy
blurt – A Fish Needs A Bike
Pjaro – I Am Laid back No Pressure
Shotgun Otto – Backbone
Peggy Seeger – Everything Changes
Snowpoet – Butterflies
Tiny Leaves – A Good Land, An Excellent Land (LIVE SESSION)
Tiny Leaves – Lean Not On Your Own Understanding (LIVE SESSION)
Tiny Leaves – Abraham (LIVE SESSION)
Bunty – Congatron
Tiny Leaves – Interview
Momus – Time

Presenters: deXter Bentley and Dan Frost
Live sound engineers: Tom Kemp assisted by Beth Rogers